Secrets of the Arab Café

The stories behind four iconic cafés in Marrakesh, Cairo, Algiers and Hebron and their role in conversation and culture. . Source link

Filmmakers, Inshallah

The stories of five aspiring filmmakers in Morocco struggling to achieve success but united by a passion for their art. . Source link

Flood kills dozens in Morocco underground factory

BREAKING Rescue workers recover 24 bodies from Tangier property and rescue 10 survivors, state media reports. At least 24 people have been killed after heavy rain caused a flood in an illegal underground textile workshop in a private house in Morocco, the state news agency reported. Rescue workers recovered 24 bodies from the Tangier property […]

Western Sahara rebels attack Morocco’s Guerguerat border

Polisario Front launches four rockets in the direction of the Guerguerat buffer zone as tensions rise. Western Sahara’s pro-independence Polisario Front has bombarded the Guerguerat buffer zone under Moroccan control in the far south of the desert territory in an attack Rabat described as part of a “propaganda war”. “The Saharawi army launched four rockets […]

Major security partners: US hails Bahrain, UAE after Israel deal

White House statement ties designation to normalisation deal with Israel, saying it reflected ‘extraordinary courage’. The United States called Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates “major security partners” on Saturday, a previously unheard of designation for the two countries home to major American military operations. Separately, President Donald Trump received Morocco’s highest honour on Friday […]

US diplomat visits Western Sahara after Morocco-Israel deal

David Schenker’s visit comes ahead of the expected opening of provisional US consulate in the contested desert region. A top United States envoy has visited contested Western Sahara after Washington recognised Morocco’s sovereignty there in exchange for Rabat normalising ties with Israel. The US embassy in Rabat called the trip on Saturday by David Schenker, […]

COVID empties Morocco’s ‘blue pearl’ tourist town

When COVID-19 hit Morocco, the mountainous town of Chefchaouen was one of the few that registered no cases. The picturesque town, its facades painted in distinctive hues of blue, shut its small population off from the world, and kept the virus out for months. Now, as the country cautiously reopens and tries to resuscitate its […]

Netanyahu speaks with Morocco’s king, invites him to Israel

While welcoming the renewal of ties, King Mohammed VI said his country’s position on Palestine remains unchanged. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Morocco’s King Mohammed VI have held a telephone conversation during which the Israeli premier invited the king for a visit, Netanyahu’s office said. The two leaders spoke on Friday about moving forward […]

US begins process to set up Western Sahara consulate

Move comes weeks after US President Donald Trump’s administration recognised Morocco’s claim to the disputed territory. The United States has started the process of establishing a consulate in Western Sahara, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday, just weeks after Donald Trump’s administration formally recognised Morocco’s claim to the disputed territory. In a brief […]

Morocco’s pledge to repay IMF loan suggests economic turnaround

Plan to repay the IMF points to a possible turnaround for Morocco, where tourism and exports have taken a hit this year. Morocco pledged to soon repay part of a $3 billion International Monetary Fund credit facility, suggesting the kingdom’s economy may have seen off the worst effects of the pandemic and an acute drought. […]

delegation arrives in Morocco over normalisation deal

First Israel-Morocco direct commercial flight lands in Rabat as part of the latest US-brokered normalisation deal. The first Israel-Morocco direct commercial flight has landed in Rabat to mark the latest United States-brokered normalisation deal between the two Middle Eastern nations. Israeli envoys arrived in Morocco on Tuesday to meet its king and hammer out the […]

Microsoft’s iron cage: Prison surveillance and e-carceration

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author of “Crime and Punishment”, once wrote, “The degree of civilisation in a society is revealed by entering its prisons.” Updated for the 21st century, our “degree of civilisation” might be revealed by the technology used inside them. For Microsoft, prisons represent a market. In recent years, the company and its business partners […]

‘This is a sin’: World reacts to Israeli-Moroccan deal

Morocco is the fourth Arab country since August to strike a deal aimed at normalising relations with Israel. Morocco’s decision to normalise relations with Israel in a United States-brokered deal has elicited mixed global reactions. On Thursday, Morocco became the fourth Arab country since August to strike a deal aimed at normalising relations with Israel. […]

Israel, Morocco agree to normalise relations in US-brokered deal

BREAKING Under the agreement, Morocco will establish full diplomatic relations and resume official contacts with Israel. Israel and Morocco agreed on Thursday to normalise relations in a deal brokered with the help of the United States, making Morocco the fourth Arab country to set aside hostilities with Israel in the past four months. As part […]

Rival Libyan administrations hold talks in Morocco

Delegates from Libya’s rival administrations met for talks in Morocco more than two weeks after the two sides announced a surprise ceasefire. The meeting, held on Sunday at the initiative of Morocco, which hosted peace talks in 2015 that led to the creation of a United Nations-recognised government for Libya, kicked off in the coastal […]