Hurricane Laura survivors face long uncertain recovery

In a matter of hours last week, Hurricane Laura tore through the tyre shop Layla Winbush’s family started just about a year ago, reducing most of it to rubble and scattering hundreds of tyres across the lot. The storm also damaged her home, which now reeks of mould. Federal and state officials are now on the ground […]

Australia warned of ‘more frequent and intense’ natural disasters

Australia’s bushfire commission has warned the government to be prepared for “more frequent and intense” natural disasters in the coming years. The commission released its first report on summer bushfires that burned through millions of hectares of land. Al Jazeera’s Nicola Gage visited the community of Broulee near the capital Canberra to see how recovery […]

Lightning, fire and burning forests: Climate change in California

You would think that nothing could survive the devastation wrought by the all-engulfing infernos in California this month. But something has. While it will mean little to those who have tragically lost their homes, or to the tens of thousands of fire evacuees, an inspiring story of nature’s resilience can perhaps provide solace in times […]