‘Environmental pollution’: Iran seizes South Korea flagged ship

The vessel, which was led to Bandar Abbas after being seized, was said to be carrying 7,200 tonnes of ethanol, according to the IRGC Navy. Tehran, Iran – Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy seized a South Korean vessel for “environmental pollution” in the Persian Gulf. The vessel, which was led to Bandar Abbas […]

New Trump Rule Would Downgrade Health Benefits in Air Pollution Decisions

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is expected on Wednesday to announce a final rule to weaken federal authority to issue clean air and climate change rules by recalculating the costs of pollution to human health and safety — and the benefits of controlling that pollution. The new rule is the latest in a flurry of […]

The Dark Side of Green Energy

The age of fossil fuel dominance is gradually drawing to a close. Green technologies like wind turbines and solar panels will become increasingly common. They promise a cleaner environment, free of oil and pollution, and a more prosperous and even peaceful world. They seem to be the ultimate solution in fighting climate change – but […]