Ahmaud Arbery’s mother files $1m lawsuit on anniversary of death

The mother of Ahmaud Arbery filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on Tuesday against the three men accused of killing her son, a Black man who was chased down and shot dead as he jogged through his Georgia neighbourhood. The $1m suit, filed by Wanda Cooper-Jones on the anniversary of her son’s death, also names […]

On Rush Limbaugh, comics not reporters told the truth

As a general rule, it is a given that comics speak truth to power more often than most journalists do. For irrefutable evidence of this axiom, you need to look no further than how, for decades, smart, irreverent comedians – unbothered by convention or propriety – repeatedly took America’s “poster boy for contraception” and of […]

Ahmaud Arbery memorialised a year after killing sparked movement

Tuesday marks the first anniversary of the day Ahmaud Arbery was killed by two white men armed with guns as he ran through their neighbourhood in Georgia, and those close to Arbery are planning a vigil to memorialise and celebrate his life. Arbery’s killing occurred as the United States was settling into COVID-19 lockdowns. Authorities […]

The fictional menace of multiculturalism

This January, Belgium’s statistical agency, Statbel, released the first official study on the diversity of the Belgian population. The picture that emerged is one of an increasingly diverse and heterogeneous society. The study revealed that while Belgian citizens of Belgian ancestry make up just more than two-thirds of the country’s population (67.9 percent), the rest […]

‘We can be sure innocents died’, US death row exonerations show

The Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) added 11 cases to its “Innocence List” that tracks American death row exonerations on Thursday, bringing the total to 185 and raising concerns over the likelihood more innocents – especially people of colour – will be condemned. “Everybody’s worst fear about capital punishment is that innocent people will be […]

Dying to swim in Chicago: Race riots and the ‘Red Summer’ of 1919

It is easy to miss the plaque nestled amidst the trees and expanse of lawn near 29th Street along the lakefront on Chicago’s South Side. Paid for by York High School students in the predominantly white suburb of Elmhurst, 26km (16 miles) east of Chicago, it was installed in 2009. But, today, 102 years after […]

There are more models of colour, but is fashion really diverse?

London, United Kingdom – In September last year, fashion weeks were held in the cultural powerhouse cities of New York, London, Milan and Paris as part of the Spring/Summer 2021 season. Overall, 41.3 percent of models were people of colour, a slight increase from the previous season, which had a rate of 40.6 percent, according […]

It’s time we stopped using the term ‘South Africa variant’

Nearly a year ago when this COVID-19 crisis was taking hold, people across the world expressed outrage at the term “China virus”. It was important to condemn such divisive and, some said, racist language. But a year later, after more than 2.3 million people across the world have died from the virus, the global economy […]

Lunar New Year show sparks racism row over blackface

In a second such incident in China since 2018, performers for a state TV show wore outfits depicting Africans and darkened their skin with makeup. China’s state broadcaster has come under fire once more for a performance featuring dancers made up to look African during its annual gala show to celebrate the Lunar New Year. […]

A Race for America

A pandemic, a quest for racial justice, a divisive election – 2020 was one of the most turbulent years in US history. . Source link

Muslims in America: A forgotten history

In the summer of 1863, newspapers in North Carolina announced the death of “a venerable African”, referred to, in a paternalistic manner, as “Uncle Moreau”. Omar ibn Said, a Muslim, was born in 1770 in Senegal and by the time of his death, he had been enslaved for 56 years. In 2021, Omar, an opera […]

America, the big lie

On January 6, white and rich congresspeople were, perhaps for the first time, forced to realise that Nazis can multi-task. Previously, they may have thought racist violence followed a certain logic. Lynch mobs would kill with racial classificatory charts in hand, attacking the people at the bottom rung and then moving up, allowing ample time […]

Treasury secretary warns of COVID’s lasting toll on Black America

Economic crises hit people of colour harder and longer, United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Friday. United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Friday that economic crises hit people of colour harder and longer, and the current crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic would have a lasting impact on Black Americans unless […]

Super Bowl LV: One for the ages despite COVID, politics

When the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV in February last year, it was simply another National Football League (NFL) championship triumph, complete with the pomp surrounding one of the world’s most-watched sporting events and the celebratory gatherings across the United States before, during and after the game. Within weeks, COVID-19 ripped through the […]

We, the Palestinians, are stuck in limbo

Ten years ago, we, the Palestinians, were cautiously optimistic – we saw the possibility of change on the horizon. We thought the world was finally, albeit slowly, starting to pay attention to our plight. We believed, perhaps naively, that justice and freedom were within our reach. A lot has changed since then. Today, we simply […]

California Black Freedom Fund: $100m to fight systemic racism

The 25 US funders will provide resources to Black-led organisations to address a ‘history of underinvestment’. More than two dozen United States philanthropic organisations and corporations on Thursday launched the California Black Freedom Fund, a $100m, five-year initiative that they say will provide resources to Black-led organisations in the state that are seeking to eradicate […]

US House to rebuke QAnon Republican for online threats, racism

Democrats are moving to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments after Republicans fail to discipline her. Democrats in the United States House of Representatives are moving forward with a vote on Thursday to strip Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments. Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on Wednesday said Greene’s actions on […]

The children colonial Belgium stole from African mothers

Monique Bitu Bingi, 71, has never forgotten how it happened. It was 1953 when the white colonials came for her in Babadi, a village in the Kasai region of what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), then a Belgian colony. She was four, the child of a Black Congolese woman and a […]

Google to spend $3.8m to settle claims of underpaying women

The allegations came up in a routine compliance audit several years ago as Google was a tech supplier to the US government. Alphabet Inc’s Google will spend $3.8m, including $2.6m in back pay, to settle allegations that it underpaid women and unfairly passed over women and Asians for job openings, the United States Department of […]

Dreams dashed: Trump’s Muslim ban damage may never be undone

Asser has been in hiding in Syria for almost a decade to avoid being arrested by the country’s notorious intelligence services and disappearing into a prison system infamous for torture and extrajudicial killings. He says he is wanted for protesting against President Bashar al-Assad’s government when the uprising first began in Syria in 2011 and […]

‘Humanity at its worst’: Man Utd star Rashford racially abused

England international receives racist abuse on social media after his team drew 0-0 with Arsenal. Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford says the racial abuse he received online after the 0-0 draw at Arsenal was “humanity and social media at its worst”. The 23-year-old England international said he refused to take screenshots of the multiple messages […]

Singapore teenager arrested for plotting attack on Muslims

The 16-year-old Protestant, arrested last month, was planning to attack two mosques on the anniversary of Christchurch massacre. A teenager in Singapore has been detained under the country’s strict Internal Security Act (ISA) for plotting to kill Muslims in two mosques on the March 15 anniversary of the deadly 2019 Christchurch attacks, the government said […]