Ecuador’s Presidential Election Is a Referendum on the Past

QUITO, Ecuador — Ecuador is holding a presidential election on Sunday, but the name on many voters’ lips is not on the ballot. Here in Ciudad Bicentenario, a neat housing project on the Andean slopes of the capital, Quito, it is on Rafael Correa that most hang their hopes of overcoming the overlapping crises brought […]

Swiss gov’t urges voters to reject niqab ban in March referendum

Banning full facial coverings will deter tourists and ‘be unhelpful for certain groups of women’, Switzerland’s government says ahead of March 7 vote. The Swiss government recommended on Tuesday that voters reject a proposal in a planned March 7 referendum to ban full facial coverings such as burqas and niqabs, worn by some Muslim women, […]

Belarus to hold referendum on constitutional changes

President Alexander Lukashenko promises vote on proposed reforms to his office’s powers, state media reports. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Thursday the country will hold a referendum on his suggested constitutional reforms, the Belta state news agency reported. Lukashenko, who has faced weekly protests since claiming victory in an August 9 election his opponents […]

Plan to boost Swiss firms’ global liability fails in referendum

Switzerland rejects extending corporate liability over rights abuses and environmental harm caused abroad. A proposal that could have stiffened penalties against companies based in Switzerland if they violate human rights or harm the environment abroad has failed in a Swiss referendum. The initiative to change the constitution by the Responsible Business Initiative (RBI) won a […]

Algerians approve new constitution after referendum #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Move seen as the government’s manoeuvre to neutralise the Hirak movement, which had called for boycott of the plebiscite. Algerians have approved constitutional reforms in a referendum, though with a record low turnout, the country’s constitutional council has announced. The referendum held on November 1 was widely seen as the government’s manoeuvre to neutralise the […]

Algeria votes on referendum aimed at ending protest movement #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Algerians are voting on a revised constitution the government hopes will finally neutralise a protest movement that, at its peak last year, swept longtime president Abdelaziz Bouteflika from power. Bouteflika’s successor Abdelmadjid Tebboune, currently hospitalised overseas, has pitched the text as meeting the demands of the Hirak, a movement that staged vast weekly demonstrations for […]

In Pictures: Chileans celebrate landmark referendum victory #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Chileans voted overwhelmingly in a landmark referendum on Sunday to replace their dictatorship-era constitution, long seen as underpinning the nation’s glaring economic and social inequalities. The result set off celebrations across the capital and other cities after voters threw out the constitution left by the 1973-1990 regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet. Thousands of people flocked […]