Sri Lanka finally lifts ban on burial of COVID victims

Controversial ban imposed since March last year lifted after months of protests by Muslim and rights groups. The Sri Lankan government has lifted a controversial ban on the burial of bodies of people whose deaths were caused by the COVID-19 disease, a health ministry spokesman said. The ban was lifted on Friday after months of […]

‘My only crime is that my name identifies my religion

A detailed Reports The source shouted the victory slogan of the Hindu god, Lord Rama, before pulling the trigger, which shot Muhammad Nasir Khan in the left eye. Khan placed his trembling hand on the socket of the bloody eye and his fingers slipped deeply towards the wound. At the time, he believed he would […]

‘My only crime is that my name identifies my religion’

The shooter shouted “Victory to Lord Ram,” the Hindu god, before pulling the trigger that sent a bullet into Muhammad Nasir Khan’s left eye. Khan put a trembling hand on his bloody eye socket and his fingers slipped deep into the wound. At that moment, he was sure he would die. Khan ended up surviving […]

Black Lives Matter: Where are the Black clergy?

When Julian DeShazier, a 37-year-old Black pastor, marches in Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, he removes his clerical collar – a symbol of authority – and follows the instructions of organisers, many of whom are younger than him, and many of whom are women. DeShazier and members of his Hyde Park University Church in Chicago, […]

Women linked to Abu Sayyaf suicide bombings arrested in Sulu

At least nine women, including the three daughters of the acting Abu Sayyaf Group leader, have been arrested in a series of raids, the Philippines military said on Tuesday, as the government steps up efforts to go after armed fighters accused of carrying out a string of deadly bombings in the southern province of Sulu. […]

US reintroduces bill to ban forced-labour products from Xinjiang

The bill allows the United States to take action against goods produced with forced labour and will allow President Joe Biden’s administration to sanction traffickers of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities. The United States House of Representatives on Thursday reintroduced a bipartisan bill that would ban imports from China’s Xinjiang region unless it is certified […]

In Naples, Muslim families struggle to bury coronavirus victims

Naples, Italy – When Ahmed Aden Mohamed brought his mother, Zahra Gassim Alio, to the hospital with knee pain, he never imagined that it would be the last time he saw her alive. After a series of complications, Alio was exposed to the coronavirus and died soon after. When he went to the hospital to […]

French MPs approve controversial ‘anti-separatism’ bill

National Assembly legislators sign off on draft law which critics say will unfairly target France’s Muslim population. French MPs have approved a controversial bill the government says will strengthen the country’s secular principles, but critics argue could harm civil rights, especially those of the 5.7-million-strong Muslim community. The vote on Tuesday on the so-called “anti-separatism” […]

French MPs to vote on controversial ‘anti-separatism’ bill

France’s National Assembly is expected to pass the contentious legislation and send it to the Senate. After weeks of debate, France’s lower house of parliament will vote on a so-called “anti-separatism” bill brought forward by President Emmanuel Macron’s government. Proponents say the controversial legislation is needed to tackle what they term “Islamist separatism” and bolster […]

France’s controversial ‘separatism’ bill: Seven things to know

Paris, France – During a high-profile speech on secularism and Islam last October, French President Emmanuel Macron said that “Islam is a religion which is experiencing a crisis today, all over the world”, and there was a need to “free Islam in France from foreign influences”. Two months later, the French government unveiled draft legislation […]

Ahmadi man killed in targeted attack in northwest Pakistan

Abdul Qadir has been shot dead at the entrance to his homoeopathic clinic in Peshawar’s Bazikhel area, the latest in a series of attacks. Islamabad, Pakistan – A member of Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya sect has been shot and killed in the northwestern city of Peshawar, police and a community spokesperson have said, the latest in a […]

‘French Muslims will suffer’ under separatism rules, critics say

Paris, France – On October 2 last year, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a law against what he called “Islamist separatism” aimed at tackling “radical” movements in the country. He described Islam as a religion “in crisis” globally, as he sought to boost support for measures intended to regulate how the faith is practised in […]

Bangladesh sentences eight to death for publisher’s murder

Dhaka, Bangladesh – A court in Dhaka has sentenced eight people of a banned armed group to death in connection with the murder of a publisher in the capital six years ago. Faysal Arefin Dipon, the publisher of Bangladesh’s Jagriti Prokashoni, was hacked to death on November 31, 2015 in his own office in the […]

Countering ‘love jihad’ by celebrating India’s interfaith couples

New Delhi, India – Last week, India’s Supreme Court refused to hear petitions challenging the constitutional validity of religious conversion laws passed by right-wing governments in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand states, saying the high courts in these states should decide on the matter. The petitioners said innocent people, mainly Muslims, were being unfairly penalised under […]

Australian court extends detention of Algerian-born Benbrika

Australia’s top court says Abdul Nacer Benbrika can still be detained beyond his 15-year prison term given security concerns. A Muslim preacher convicted of leading an Australian “terror cell” that plotted to kill thousands will have his detention extended for up to three years beyond his original sentence, a court ruled on Wednesday. Algerian-born Abdul […]

UK Muslims complain to UN over Sri Lanka’s cremation policy

Muslim families in the United Kingdom whose loved ones have been cremated in Sri Lanka have submitted a complaint to the United Nations, branding the South Asian country’s controversial policy “unjust and discriminatory” and calling for its immediate suspension. Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka made cremation mandatory last March for people who die, or are suspected to […]

Indonesia bans mandatory religious attire in state schools

Activists lauded the government’s decision after outcry over non-Muslim students being forced to wear a hijab. Activists in Indonesia have lauded the government’s decision to ban public schools from making religious attire mandatory, a move that followed national outrage over non-Muslim students being forced to wear a hijab. Andreas Harsono, a researcher at Human Rights […]

South Africa’s army lifts hijab ban for Muslims

Army says it has amended its dress policy to allow Muslim women to wear headscarves as part of their uniform. The South African military has amended its dress policy to allow Muslim women to wear headscarves as part of their uniform, an army spokesperson said on Thursday. In January last year, a military court dropped […]

Pope to meet top Shia leader Sistani on Iraq visit: Cardinal

Pope Francis is set to be in Iraq from March 5-8, with visits planned to Baghdad, the northern city of Mosul, and Ur. Pope Francis will meet top Shia religious leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani during the first-ever papal visit to Iraq in March, a senior Catholic cleric told the AFP news agency on Thursday. […]

Turkey’s religious authority bans ‘evil-eye’ charms

Ankara, Turkey – The state-run religious authority has caused alarm by proclaiming the use of talismans to ward off “the evil eye” prohibited under Islam. The proliferation of the eye-shaped blue glass amulets in Turkey is widespread, as is the belief in their ability to ward off malevolent or jealous intentions. In a recently published […]

In Search of My Roots

A filmmaker goes on trip to explore her Spanish heritage and learn about Moriscos, Christian Spaniards of Muslim origin. . Source link

Makers of Amazon Prime show apologise after outcry by India’s BJP

Politicians from governing party call for show to be removed, saying it was ‘deliberately mocking Hindu gods’. The cast and crew of a popular streaming series starring Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan have apologised after politicians from the governing party called the show insensitive to Hindus. The Amazon Prime drama Tandav – loosely compared with […]

Tackle French ‘abuse’ of Muslims, civil society groups tell UN

A group of lawyers, NGOs and religious bodies from 13 countries have submitted formal complaints to the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCHR), calling for action against France’s “breadth of state abuse against Muslims” stretching back more than two decades. The coalition submitted its findings to the UN body on Monday, accusing France of violating […]