Running Is a Total Body Affair

Much of this research came from the mind and laboratory of Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary anatomy at Harvard University and author of the new book “Exercised,” which delves into exercise and evolution. At first, most of his and other scientists’ work related to evolution and running centered on lower bodies, since legs […]

Portugal close to running out of ICU beds for COVID cases

Lisbon says record 843 out of 850 ICU beds allocated for COVID-19 patients on its mainland are occupied. Portugal has said that only had seven vacant beds left in intensive care units (ICUs) set up for COVID-19 cases on its mainland, as a surge in infections prompted the authorities to send some critical patients to […]

Brazil’s Amazonas state running out of oxygen amid COVID surge

Brazilian Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said the hospital system in the city of Manaus is collapsing. The Brazilian state of Amazonas is running out of oxygen during a renewed surge in COVID-19 deaths, its government said on Thursday, with media reporting that people on respirators were dying of suffocation in hospitals. The state has made […]

Running over the ruins of my home: Lahore’s Orange Train

Lahore, Pakistan – Perching on a hand-woven, straw-seat stool at my uncle Zahid Mehmood’s dimly lit, rented house in the muddy streets of Gulshan Ravi, I am looking through our old family photo albums. It’s like looking at an antique film reel which projects me straight into the past. “The train rides through my house,” […]

Covid Overload: U.S. Hospitals Are Running Out of Beds for Patients

In excruciating pain with lesions on her face and scalp, Tracey Fine lay for 13 hours on a gurney in an emergency room hallway. All around her, Covid-19 patients filled the beds of the hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. Her nurse was so harried that she could not remember Ms. Fine’s condition, and the staff was […]