Johnson & Johnson COVID jab safe and effective, US FDA staff find

The US Food and Drug Administration staff’s findings likely mean Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine will be approved for emergency use later this week. Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot COVID-19 vaccine appeared safe and effective in trials, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) staff said in documents published on Wednesday, paving the way for the […]

Is it safe for pregnant women to have a COVID-19 vaccine?

Last week, my sister who is an NHS dentist, told me she was going to get her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. While we spoke on the phone, she said she was a little apprehensive about getting it. When I asked her why she said two of the dental nurses at her surgery were […]

In Pictures: ‘No safe place’ as violence grips DR Congo’s Ituri

Ituri province, Democratic Republic of the Congo – Severely burned to the face and body, Anne is looking on what is left of the charred houses in her village. “We were hiding inside when they locked the door and set the house on fire. I fell in the fire and burned my face and my […]

As Virus Variants Spread, ‘No One Is Safe Until Everyone Is Safe’

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — As a dangerous variant of the coronavirus first discovered in South Africa sickens and kills thousands across the country, Jan Matsena has shown up every day to stock the shelves at a Cape Town supermarket, terrified that he too will catch it. A neighbor died in December, then a co-worker […]

Senegalese Student Missing in Paris Is Said to Be Safe, but Questions Abound

PARIS — A star student from Senegal who went missing without a word in Paris earlier this month, setting off an outpouring of concern, is said to have turned up, but the mystery surrounding her disappearance is, if anything, deeper than ever. Senegalese officials in France said the student, Diary Sow, had been found “safe […]

‘There Is No Safe Area’: In Kabul, Fear Has Taken Over

KABUL, Afghanistan — In Kabul’s uncertain present, fear and dread intertwine in a vise. Fear has become a way of life. “When you’re in the car you feel fear, when you are walking you feel fear, and when you are in the shop you feel fear,” said Shamsullah Amini, a 22-year-old shopkeeper, while watching over […]

Are Cities a Safe Place to Live During a Pandemic?

In editorials published in the spring on the Brookings website and in NextCity, a nonprofit news organization, Dr. Loh and her co-authors have argued that some of the very traits that can make cities more dangerous during a pandemic, like population density, can also make them more advantageous should a pandemic take hold. Populous urban […]

Is It Safe to Fly During the Pandemic? Answers From the Experts

“Each of these segments involves unique activities, such as storing and retrieving luggage, using seat trays while eating, using entertainment systems, standing in the aisle and using the lavatory,” the study’s authors wrote. When a plane is on the ground, its air supply can come from a number of places. That air is then mixed […]