Why we need a Non-Aligned Technologies Movement

It seems every few days we are reminded of how Big Tech companies have no qualms amassing profits while their products are used to incite violence and spread disinformation. The latest such reminder was the recent murder of two protesters in Kenosha, the US state of Wisconsin, by a member of a militant group active […]

The Dark Side of Green Energy

The age of fossil fuel dominance is gradually drawing to a close. Green technologies like wind turbines and solar panels will become increasingly common. They promise a cleaner environment, free of oil and pollution, and a more prosperous and even peaceful world. They seem to be the ultimate solution in fighting climate change – but […]

Red pills and dog whistles: It is more than ‘just the internet’

Ever since its release in 1999, references from blockbuster film, The Matrix, have become part of popular culture. The movie’s premise and many of its lines have stuck with us for more than 20 years and, particularly in the last decade, been co-opted by groups who would never be aligned with its original ethos. In […]

Can Facebook stop US election misinformation?

Facebook has announced steps to prevent its platform being exploited in the week leading up to the US presidential vote. It will stop accepting new political ads seven days before the November 3 election, but it will continue to show what is already in the system. Facebook has been criticised for allowing political ads to […]

Pakistan blocks Tinder, other dating apps over ‘immoral’ content

Pakistan has blocked Tinder, Grindr and three other dating apps for not adhering to local laws, its latest move to curb online platforms deemed to be disseminating “immoral content”. Pakistan, the second-largest Muslim-majority country in the world after Indonesia, is an Islamic nation where extra-marital relationships and homosexuality are illegal. On Tuesday, the Pakistan Telecommunications […]

The Database: Collecting the world’s financial data

 What do you do if your bank account suddenly gets closed and you and your business can no longer function – and you have no idea why? You discover it is because you are on a database that you did not even know existed, saying that you have links with “terrorism” and therefore few banks […]