Armenia PM warns of coup attempt after army seeks his resignation

Tensions between Nikol Pashinyan and the military are rising as a new protest movement against the PM gains momentum. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has warned of an “attempted coup” against him as he fired a top army official in response to the military’s call for his resignation. Pashinyan has faced protests and calls to […]

US seeks to defuse diplomatic spat with Turkey

Turkey had earlier summoned US ambassador to Ankara, infuriated by conditionality of initial US statement. The United States has attempted to de-escalate a diplomatic dispute with NATO ally Turkey, which had earlier summoned the US ambassador about a statement on the killing of 13 kidnapped Turks in Iraq. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had lashed […]

Mature Red-Bellied Lemur Seeks Soul Mate for Cuddles and Grooming

When lemurs grow old, their movements become slower and stiffer. They wobble on branches they could once grip with ease. Sometimes their tooth comb, a group of teeth used for grooming, falls out, which makes it harder for them to keep their fur fluffy on their own. So the best companion for a geriatric lemur […]

Twitter seeks talks with India over order to remove accounts

India has asked the social media giant to take down 1,178 accounts it says are spreading misinformation about farmer protests. Twitter says it is seeking talks with India’s technology minister, days after the country asked the US-based social media giant to take down 1,178 accounts it says are spreading misinformation about ongoing farmers’ protests. New […]

UN rights chief seeks sanctions against Sri Lankan generals: AFP

The United Nations human rights chief has called for an International Criminal Court investigation into Sri Lanka’s Tamil separatist conflict and sanctions on military officials accused of war crimes, according to a report obtained by the AFP news agency. Michelle Bachelet accused Sri Lanka of reneging on promises to ensure justice for thousands of civilians […]

Iran seeks clarification from Indonesia on seizure of its tanker

Iran’s foreign ministry says it has sought more information from Indonesia on its tanker, which has been accused of illegal transfer of oil. Tehran, Iran – Iran requested more information from the Indonesian government on Monday on the seizure of one of its fuel tankers accused of illegally transferring oil. Foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh […]

McConnell Seeks Impeachment Trial Delay and Slows Senate Rules

WASHINGTON — Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the minority leader, asked Democrats on Thursday to delay former President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial until mid-February, complicating their hopes of reaching a swift agreement to prevent the proceeding from interfering with the crucial first weeks of President Biden’s tenure. Mr. McConnell made the request […]

After Brexit, UK seeks worker-rights reforms, setting up EU clash

UK reportedly wants to scrap 48-hour limit on length of working week but says it will not lower protections. The U.K. government is exploring reforms to workers’ rights that would break from European Union rules, potentially opening Britain up to retaliatory measures from the bloc. Officials have drawn up proposals that would scrap the 48-hour […]

After extradition win, Assange team seeks bail for whistle-blower

London, United Kingdom – Julian Assange’s legal team will on Wednesday seek bail for the whistle-blower, days after a British judge blocked his extradition to the United States, saying such a move could lead to his suicide. Assange’s lawyers will request that he be temporarily released from the maximum-security Belmarsh prison, in southeast London, during […]

Brexit: Boris Johnson’s father seeks French citizenship

Stanley Johnson confirms the plan to seek French citizenship as the free movement of Britons in the EU comes to an end under the Brexit pact delivered by his son. On the day the United Kingdom is breaking up with the European Union, the British prime minister’s father said he was in the process of […]

A Hong Kong Activist, Nathan Law, Seeks Political Asylum in Britain

HONG KONG — The Hong Kong democracy activist Nathan Law said on Monday that he had applied for political asylum in Britain, a petition that will likely inflame tensions with China if granted. Mr. Law, 27, fled to London in June, just before a new national security law gave Hong Kong sweeping powers to quash […]

Ukraine seeks World Heritage status for Chernobyl zone

Author:  Ania TSOUKANOVA, Dmytro GORSHKOV | AFP article author:  AFP ID:  1607822843861071400 Sun, 2020-12-13 05:17 CHERNOBYL, Ukraine: A soft snow fell as a clutch of visitors equipped with a Geiger counter wandered through the ghostly Ukrainian town of Pripyat, frozen in time since the world’s worst nuclear accident in 1986. More than three decades after […]

Erdogan seeks energy talks as EU mulls sanctions over East Med

Turkish president says he sees a ‘win-win’ solution, but says Ankara will not not bow to threats and blackmailing over Eastern Med. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes “a win-win formula” can be found in a row with Greece over undersea resources, as the European Union mulls sanctions ahead of a key summit. NATO members […]

India’s Serum Institute seeks approval for COVID-19 vaccine

New Delhi, India – The Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine producer by volume, has sought government approval for emergency-use authorisation of the coronavirus vaccine that it has developed in partnership with the University of Oxford and British drugmaker AstraZeneca. “As promised, before the end of 2020, @SerumInstIndia has applied for emergency use […]

Iran seeks to project power through enhanced navy

As Iran marks its Navy Day on Friday, the country has in recent years sought to bolster its naval capabilities in a bid to project power far beyond its shores, while sanctions have spurred Iran’s domestic defence production. Iranian naval forces are roughly split in two. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) is responsible […]

Congress Seeks Answers on Alaskan Mine Project #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Democrats in the House of Representatives have begun an investigation into the Pebble project in Alaska, seeking records to determine whether developers of the proposed gold and copper mine deceived Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers about their plans. In letters to the developers and corps officials, leaders of the House Committee on Transportation […]

Turkey seeks approval to deploy peacekeepers in Azerbaijan #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Russia, which is deploying troops to Nagorno-Karabakh to oversee the peace deal, previously said Turkish troops would not be joining them. Turkey’s government has submitted a motion to parliament, seeking its approval to deploy peacekeepers to monitor a ceasefire agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the state-run news agency reported. Turkey, which threw its weight behind […]

Nigeria seeks to halt looting amid fury over ‘food warehouses’ #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Abuja, Nigeria – Nigerian security forces are struggling to contain increasing cases of looting on government-run warehouses across the country, in the latest incident of unrest following widespread, youth-led protests against police brutality. The storage facilities hold tonnes of relief materials including food meant for distribution during lockdowns previously enforced to stem the spread of […]