NASA showcases dramatic video of Mars landing, releases images

NASA says Perseverance videos provide a ‘treasure trove’ of details about the alien world. NASA unveiled the first video and coloured images of the Perseverance landing on Mars on Monday, accompanied by the first sound recording of the Martian surface. The video, played at a news conference, showed the spacecraft blasting away red dirt as […]

She Beat Cancer at 10. Now She’s Set to Be the Youngest American in Space.

Hayley Arceneaux, 29, had hoped this would be the year that she would complete her aim of visiting all seven continents before she turned 30. She will not have time to do that, though. She is going to space. Ms. Arceneaux, a physician assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, will be one […]

Mars landing, Kitty goes to Washington and auctioning digital art

It’s been a week of wild weather for regions across the globe — from snow in Jerusalem to a deep freeze in Texas. After you dry your socks off and shake the snow out of your hair, pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and dig into the biggest business and economic news stories you […]

NASA’s fifth Mars rover, Perseverance, makes historic landing

NASA’s science rover Perseverance, the most advanced astrobiology laboratory ever sent to another world, streaked through the Martian atmosphere on Thursday and landed safely on the floor of a vast crater, its first stop on a search for traces of ancient microbial life on the Red Planet. Mission managers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory near […]

Mapping Mars: 7 graphics to help you understand the Red Planet

On February 18 at approximately 20:55 GMT, NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover is expected to touch down on the Red Planet. The mission, which was launched seven months ago, has been travelling for nearly half a billion kilometres at more than fifteen times the speed of a bullet. Equipped with 19 cameras and two microphones, […]

NASA’s Perseverance rover prepares for Mars landing

If NASA successfully lands its fifth rover on Mars on Thursday, it will have delivered the Red Planet’s first microphones, its first aircraft, more cameras than ever before and a life-detecting duo known as SHERLOC and WATSON. The Perseverance rover will also hopefully complete the initial step in an estimated 10-year effort to return samples […]

Canine cryptocurrency, race to Mars and the Year of the Ox

THE WEEK IN NUMBERS We round up the numbers to know from the week’s biggest economic and business news stories so you can impress yourself and your friends. If you’ve been glued to the impeachment proceedings unfolding in the United States, you’re far from alone. But as the news out of Washington winds down for […]

China spacecraft sends Mars footage for first time

China’s space agency releases video footage two days after its Mars probe successfully entered the red planet’s orbit. China’s space agency has released video footage from its spacecraft circling Mars, two days after it successfully entered the planet’s orbit in Beijing’s latest ambitious space mission. In the video, published by state broadcaster CCTV, the surface […]

Chinese spacecraft Tianwen-1 successfully enters Mars orbit

Tianwen-1 entered the orbit after almost a seven-month journey, hoping to explore the planet over 90 days. A Chinese spacecraft has entered Mars’s orbit on a mission to land a rover and collect data on underground water and possible signs of ancient life. “China’s probe Tianwen-1 successfully entered the orbit around Mars on Wednesday after […]

UAE’s space probe Amal enters Mars orbit

The feat makes UAE the fifth space agency to reach the planet while its plans for a Mars settlement by 2117. The United Arab Emirates’ first mission to Mars has entered the red planet’s orbit after a seven-month, 494 million kilometres (307 million miles) journey, allowing it to start sending data about the Martian atmosphere […]

Space race: UAE, US and Chinese missions prepare to explore Mars

The Red Planet is about to get a little crowded. Three separate missions to Mars launched by the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will all reach their destination this month after taking flight within just 11 days of each other in 2020. The uncrewed missions promise to yield new insights for […]

Musk’s $886m internet service subsidy at risk as critics cry foul

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission faces pressure from rural internet service providers to deny a planned $886 million subsidy to Elon Musk’s SpaceX for beaming broadband to underserved areas from outer space. Even before winning a competition for the funds, SpaceX had set up its service and begun launching satellites. More than 1,000 of the Starlink craft […]

SpaceX’s Starship test flight ends in fiery crash, again

The Starship SN9 is a test model of a heavy-lift rocket that SpaceX hopes will carry humans on future missions to Mars. A prototype of a SpaceX rocket the company hopes will one day journey to the moon and Mars has exploded in a roaring ball of flames as it tried to land upright after […]

Billionaire raffling off SpaceX flight to fund cancer research

A United States billionaire who made a fortune in tech and fighter jets is buying an entire SpaceX flight and plans to take three people with him to circle the globe this year. Besides fulfilling his dream of flying in space, Jared Isaacman announced Monday that he aimed to use the private trip to raise […]

GameStop Reddit bros, polarised US media and $55m space tickets

Happy Friday! You made it through what feels like the 8,000th week of January. If you’ve been too slammed sticking to (or abandoning) your well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions in the run-up to February 1, don’t sweat it. We’ve rounded up the biggest economic and business news stories of the week to keep you up to […]

Space Shuttle Challenger remembered 35 years after its explosion

NASA uses its Day of Remembrance to mark the 35th anniversary of the Challenger tragedy that shocked the world. US space agency NASA is commemorating the 35-year anniversary of the Challenger space shuttle explosion on Thursday, its Day of Remembrance, recalling the landmark moment of “grief”. “Thirty-five years ago today, NASA and the nation lost […]

Fly me to the moon: Three men to pay $55m each for SpaceX flight

Axiom Space’s first private space crew will be led by a former NASA astronaut and include an Ohio real estate and tech entrepreneur, a Canadian financier and an Israeli businessman. The first private space station crew was introduced Tuesday: Three men who are each paying $55m to fly on a SpaceX rocket. They’ll be led […]

NASA cuts short ground test of its giant moon rocket

The test is a vital step in NASA’s Artemis programme to put the first woman and the next man on the Moon in 2024. NASA ignited all four engines of a deep space exploration rocket – the Space Launch System (SLS) – for the first time on Saturday, but the “hot fire” test ended much […]

Jupiter and Saturn in rare celestial ‘Great Conjunction’

Solar system’s two biggest planets come within planetary kissing range, an intimacy that will not occur again until 2080. The solar system’s two biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, came within planetary kissing range in Monday’s evening sky, an intimacy that will not occur again until 2080. This “Great Conjunction”, as it is known to astronomers, […]

Jupiter, Saturn merging in night sky, closest in centuries

The two largest planets will be one-tenth of a degree apart in what is being dubbed the ‘Great Conjunction’. Jupiter and Saturn will merge in the night sky on Monday, appearing closer to one another than they have since Galileo was alive in the 17th century. Astronomers say so-called conjunctions between the two largest planets […]

Virgin Galactic poised for launch from Spaceport America

Richard Branson’s space tourism company Virgin Galactic is poised for a key test flight of its two-part launch vehicle, a step that could move it closer to offering regular trips to the edge of space for the ultimate sightseeing tour. With the launch delayed for more than a month because of COVID-19 restrictions, the company […]

SpaceX prototype rocket destroyed in explosive test launch

Elon Musk says SpaceX got all the data it needed for its programme to send people and cargo to the Moon and Mars. SpaceX’s Starship rocket prototype exploded in flames as it made a vertical landing on Wednesday, minutes after what seemed to be an uneventful test launch from the company’s testing site on the […]

Outer Space Just Got a Little Brighter

The universe is a shade too bright. That might be the last news you expected to hear toward the darkening end of a dark year. But that is what a band of astronomers has discovered, using cameras on the New Horizons spacecraft that once visited Pluto to measure the darkness of interplanetary space. “There’s something […]