Malaysia court: Stop deporting remaining 114 Myanmar nationals

The High Court of Kuala Lumpur has issued an order to stay the deportation of 114 Myanmar migrants, the only ones left of a group of 1,200 people the Malaysian government sent back to Myanmar in defiance of an earlier ruling. The court’s decision on Wednesday was welcomed by the rights groups Amnesty International and […]

Rights groups in last gasp bid to stop Malaysia deportation

Groups take court action, send letters of appeal to stop Malaysia from sending 1,200 people back to Myanmar. Human rights groups have stepped up efforts to stop Malaysia from deporting 1,200 Myanmar nationals back to military-run Myanmar, sending a letter to the prime minister and filing a lawsuit on Tuesday. The group, which includes at […]

Opinion | Can We Stop Fighting About Charter Schools?

Yet from all the attention this debate grabs, you would never know that only about 6 percent of public school students attend charters. More students have parents who are undocumented, and far more are disabled. More children live in states where corporal punishment is still permitted in schools. But these students’ needs generally don’t have […]

UN chief tells Myanmar military: ‘Stop the repression’

Guterres demands Myanmar military free prisoners and end violence, as he opens a four-week summit on human rights. The UN’s top human rights body has opened its first and highest-level meeting of 2021, amid growing concerns on issues including the military coup in Myanmar, the arrest of opposition leader Alexey Navalny in Russia and the […]

China urges US to stop interference, outlines plan to reset ties

Wang Yi calls on Washington to stop meddling in its internal affairs, lift restrictions on trade and people-to-people contacts. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has outlined Beijing’s vision for improving ties with the United States, urging Washington as a first step to stop meddling in its internal affairs, including the sensitive issues of Tibet, Hong […]

Postcard From Peru: Why the Morality Plays Inside The Times Won’t Stop

Mr. McNeil had one high-profile stumble last May when he appeared on CNN and called for the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to resign over the agency’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. “His editors have discussed the issue with him to reiterate that his job is to report the facts and […]

US judge will not stop land transfer for mine in Arizona

The ruling means the land transfer can now take place by mid-March under a timeline approved by Congress and then-President Barack Obama in 2014. A federal judge on Friday said he would not stop the US Forest Service from transferring government-owned land in Arizona to Rio Tinto for its Resolution Copper project, denying a request […]

Opinion | Can We Please Stop Talking About Stocks, Please?

The axiom becomes obvious when you look at how the markets fared last year. In 2020, as the virus surged, economic growth crashed, unemployment shot up, poverty spiked, and democracy crumbled, what happened to stock prices? They soared to record highs, of course. Why doesn’t the market track the real world? There are many reasons, […]

How can Democrats stop a Trump return to the White House?

After four chaotic years under former President Donald Trump, a new US administration promises to bring unity to the country and work for all Americans. Democrats want to believe this is the end of Trumpian politics but that is unlikely to happen after Trump himself hinted at a new party – the Patriotic Party – […]

‘Stop this destructive giveaway’: Fight against US mine picks up

Phoenix, Arizona, United States – Indigenous and environmental groups in the United States are suing the US Forest Service (USFS) to try to prevent the transfer of more than 9.7 square kilometres (2,400 acres) of land in Arizona to a mining company for potential development. The co-plaintiffs in the case, including the Inter Tribal Association […]

Opinion | It’s Time for Police to Stop Lying to Suspects

Consider what happened to 17-year-old Martin Tankleff. In 1988, he woke up early one morning to find his mother laying in her bloodied bed and his father slumped in his bloodied study chair, gurgling air but unconscious. Mr. Tankleff called 911. Although he had no cuts or bruises and no history of violence, he was […]

Are measures to stop spread of COVID-19 failing?

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The weaponisation of the Cambodian justice system must stop

On January 17, I made my second attempt to return to my country, Cambodia, where I have been summoned to stand trial on treason charges. Like the first time I tried to travel back home in 2019, this time, too, the Cambodian authorities refused to issue me a visa. I am one of more than […]

Ecuadorian Amazon: Three European banks stop funding trade of oil

Several big European financial institutions — BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse and ING — have committed to halting the financing of the trade of oil from the Amazon region of Ecuador. The three banks that have recently indicated such a policy change — in emails sent to environmental groups Amazon Watch and — are collectively […]

Kashmir forest dwellers hope long-delayed law will stop evictions

Nomad forest dwellers in Indian-administered Kashmir are pinning their hopes on the implementation of a 14-year-old law to save their land and homes, as the government announces plans to evict tens of thousands of people it says are encroaching on protected land. Last month, the forest department of the disputed federal territory published a list […]

US to stop holding second doses to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations

The move aligns with the incoming Biden administration strategy to quickly release most vaccine doses. Barely a month into a mass vaccination campaign to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration unexpectedly shifted gears on Tuesday to speed up the delivery of shots after a slow start that had triggered widespread concern from states and […]

Spoilers ruining chances of peaceful solutions must stop, says UN chief

NEW YORK: The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on “spoilers” in conflict zones around the world to stop their activities at a virtual event to commemorate the first ever UN General Assembly meeting. This came after Guterres was asked by a youth representative whether his call for a global ceasefire to allow countries to […]

Stop listening to Obama

“If you believe, as I do, that we should be able to reform the criminal justice system so that it’s not biased and treats everybody fairly, I guess you can use a snappy slogan, like ‘Defund the Police’, but, you know, you lost a big audience the minute you say it.” The quote above is […]

Greek police detain dozens to stop march in memory of slain teen

Students, trades unionists and politicians tried to defy coronavirus-related ban to pay tribute to 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by police in 2008. Police in Greece’s capital have detained dozens of people who defied a coronavirus-related ban to take part in the annual commemoration of the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by […]

India police stop interfaith marriage citing ‘love jihad’ law

New Delhi, India – Indian police stopped an interfaith marriage in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday despite the consent of both families, saying they would have to seek permission of officials as part of a new anti-conversion law passed last week. The wedding of Raina Gupta, 22, and Mohammad Asif, 24, was […]