Republicans Struggle to Derail Increasingly Popular Stimulus Package

WASHINGTON — Republicans are struggling to persuade voters to oppose President Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue plan, which enjoys strong, bipartisan support nationwide even as it is moving through Congress with just Democratic backing. Democrats who control the House are preparing to approve the package by the end of next week, with the Senate aiming […]

For Lebanese and Iraqis, small victories in a long struggle

Economic distress, rampant corruption, a self-serving ruling elite, and the ever-looming fear of armed militias – not much is going their way but protesters in both Iraq and Lebanon have found a reason to smile. In campus elections in Lebanon, they turned into candidates and gave a drubbing to opposing student groups backed by traditional […]

In Naples, Muslim families struggle to bury coronavirus victims

Naples, Italy – When Ahmed Aden Mohamed brought his mother, Zahra Gassim Alio, to the hospital with knee pain, he never imagined that it would be the last time he saw her alive. After a series of complications, Alio was exposed to the coronavirus and died soon after. When he went to the hospital to […]

In Zimbabwe, some businesses struggle, others adapt and thrive

Harare, Zimbabwe — School uniform maker Noah Mauto sits on a black couch in his home, writing down the details of a modest client order. “It’s better than nothing,” he told Al Jazeera. The 44-year-old’s factory also makes tracksuits and blazers. But the extended product line has offered little cushion against the blow that COVID-19 […]

Tunisian border traders, smugglers struggle to survive amid COVID

Southeast Tunisia – In Ben Guerdane, a town in Tunisia’s far southeast straddling marshes, the sea, and the Libyan border, rows of stalls selling smuggled fuel sit shuttered. Only one stall is open. Out front, Tarek sits in a burnous, a woollen hooded Tunisian cloak. Behind him, plastic jerrycans full of diesel are stocked in […]

As Zimbabwe’s COVID cases surge, gravediggers struggle to cope

Harare, Zimbabwe – Since New Year’s Day, Thomas Rasauka*, a gravedigger in Zimbabwe’s capital, has had very little rest. “We are digging 10 to 12 graves daily now,” he said, describing the past few weeks as one of the most tiresome and busiest periods in all his 12 years in the profession. It is mid-morning […]

Indonesia’s struggle to identify the Sriwijaya plane crash dead

Jakarta, Indonesia – Yudi Qurbani has spent the last few days in an unexpected and unwanted role. He has become the family representative at the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) centre at Kramat Jati Police Hospital in Jakarta, coordinating with the team trying to locate the five members of his family who were on the Sriwijaya […]

DRC MPs brawl again as president nears power struggle win

Parliament descends into chaos for second day as rival political groups flung chairs and buckets before police restore order. The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) parliament has voted to authorise a motion to remove the House speaker, a move that, if successful, would hand President Felix Tshisekedi a major victory in his power struggle […]

US sets new single-day COVID case record as hospitals struggle

The United States recorded a new single-day record for COVID-19 cases on Friday, as a countrywide surge in infections has forced several states to reimpose restrictions and pushed healthcare networks to the brink. The US recorded 227,885 new cases on Friday, according to Johns Hopkins University, and 2,011 total deaths linked to the novel coronavirus. […]