Give Biden a Chance? On Covid Aid, Some Trump Voters Just Might

Some Republicans share those concerns. Sean Wiley, who voted twice for Mr. Trump and describes himself as a conservative libertarian, said the government needed to provide assistance to people who have lost their jobs in the pandemic but argued that the current package was too large. Now that more people are being vaccinated and the […]

Manchin, Trump Taxes, John Geddert: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

(Want to get this newsletter in your inbox? Here’s the sign-up.) Good evening. Here’s the latest. 1. President Biden has a Joe Manchin problem. Mr. Biden’s plan to have Neera Tanden be his budget director appears to be hanging by a thread. Mr. Manchin, a conservative West Virginia Democratic senator, effectively holds tie-breaking power in […]

Georgia counties sue Trump over failed election challenges

Two counties in Georgia ask for over $15k in legal fees related to lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign. Two Georgia counties have filed lawsuits this week against former President Donald Trump in his capacity as a candidate, seeking legal fees over failed attempts to overturn the election through voter fraud allegations and vote recounts. […]

Late Night Laughs Off Mike Pence’s Renewed Loyalty to Trump

Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. We’re all stuck at home at the moment, so here are the 50 best movies on Netflix right now. That’s a Good Boy “Obedience school seems to be working […]

Biden overturns Trump bans on green cards and work permits

Trump-era measure restricting many visa applicants cited need to protect US jobs amid COVID-19 pandemic. US President Joe Biden has revoked a proclamation issued under the Trump administration that blocked many foreign workers and green card applicants from entering the United States. The order by former President Donald Trump, known as Presidential Proclamation 100014, cited […]

Opinion | Mitch McConnell Would Like Trump to Fade Away

This power, in turn, can be seen in the decision of state and local county parties to censure and denounce Republican members of the House and Senate who voted in favor of impeachment or conviction. On Feb. 6, the Wyoming Republican Party voted not only to censure Representative Liz Cheney, but also called on her […]

US CEOs, including Trump supporters, push for Biden’s $1.9T plan

Business executives from multiple industries sent a letter to US Congressional leaders on Wednesday urging them to pass Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan. Senior executives from more than 150 companies are voicing support for President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package in a letter to congressional leaders urging them to pass coronavirus relief. The letter is […]

Trump may soon have to answer rape allegations under oath

During a December visit to New York City, writer E Jean Carroll says she went shopping with a fashion consultant to find the “best outfit” for one of the most important days of her life – when she will sit face-to-face with the man she accuses of raping her decades ago, former United States President […]

One Question for Manhattan D.A. Candidates: Will You Prosecute Trump?

Last month, during a virtual debate among the eight candidates running to be Manhattan’s top prosecutor, a final yes-or-no question jolted the group: Would they commit to prosecuting crimes committed by former President Donald J. Trump and his company? The candidates ducked. “I actually don’t think any of us should answer that question,” said one […]

Trump supporters, conspiracists shift to new social media sites

Gab instead of Twitter, MeWe over Facebook, Telegram for messaging and Discord for insiders – banned from mainstream platforms, US conspiracy and supremacist movements, many of which support Donald Trump, have shifted to networks that are more confidential, and harder to regulate. “The most extreme Trump supporters were already on alternative platforms,” said Nick Backovic, […]

Biden-Trudeau meeting: A ‘return to stability’ after Trump

Montreal, Canada – In 1969, then-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau famously described Canada’s proximity to the United States as akin to sleeping with an elephant: “No matter how friendly or even-tempered is the beast … one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” Decades later, with Joe Biden in the White House, the “elephant” […]

US Supreme Court allows prosecutor to obtain Trump tax returns

The US Supreme Court made a slew of decisions on Monday regarding cases already before the court, many of which involved former President Donald Trump, and what arguments it will hear in the upcoming term. The cases that the court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, has decided to dismiss or hear range across the […]

Ice Skating Ends at Central Park After New York City Rift With Trump

The two ice rinks in Central Park, memory-makers for generations of New Yorkers, are set to close Sunday after the city moved to end contracts with the Trump Organization following the Capitol riot. Despite former President Donald J. Trump’s unpopularity in his home city, the shutdown comes as a blow to New Yorkers during the […]

Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Denies Role in Libya Mercenary Operation

NAIROBI, Kenya — Responding to accusations by United Nations investigators that he violated an international arms embargo, Erik Prince, the Blackwater Worldwide founder and prominent supporter of Donald J. Trump, denied playing any role in an $80 million mercenary operation in Libya in 2019. And he insisted that key findings of the U.N. investigation were […]

Trump ally Erik Prince violated Libya arms embargo: UN report

Confidential report finds Prince supplied renegade Libyan general Khalifa Haftar with weapons and foreign mercenaries. Private security contractor Erik Prince, a close ally of former US President Donald Trump, violated a United Nations arms embargo on Libya, UN investigators have found in a report detailed by US media. The confidential report to the Security Council, […]

The Relationship Between McConnell and Trump Was Good for Both — Until It Wasn’t

“It really did have an impact on the election,” Mr. Trump said at the celebration in the East Room. “People knew me very well, but they didn’t know, ‘Is he liberal? Conservative?’” Mr. McConnell, the canny Senate leader, and Mr. Trump, the Washington novice suddenly ensconced in the White House, became a team. It was […]

Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Violated Libya Arms Embargo, U.N. Report Says

Mr. Prince has been angling for military business in Libya since 2013, mostly through Mr. Hifter, the report says. In 2015, Mr. Prince supplied the Libyan commander with a private jet, owned by the Hong Kong-based Frontier Services Group company led by Mr. Prince, and which Mr. Hifter used for travel to meetings in Egypt […]

Trump is gone – can we now talk about fake news at the NYT?

These days you wake up in the morning, glimpse at the front page of the New York Times, and you see the United States is in deep turmoil. The situation is so dire that even the journalists from our “paper of record” seem to be struggling to find headlines bold, scary and eye-catching enough to […]

Kaboom! Former Trump casino demolished in Atlantic City

A spot on the Atlantic City Boardwalk where movie stars, athletes and rock stars used to party — and a future president honed his instincts for bravado and hype — was reduced to a smoking pile of rubble. The former Trump Plaza casino in New Jersey in the United States was imploded on Wednesday after […]

Trump Era in Atlantic City Ends With 3,000 Sticks of Dynamite

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — It was not the biggest or the best implosion ever. An auction for the right to detonate the dynamite to begin the implosion of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., fizzled. Front-row seats to view Wednesday morning’s spectacle were sold on the cheap. Onlookers in cars hoping to […]

Opinion | What Trump, San Francisco and the Deer in My Backyard Have in Common

Why not, it asked? More and more, Republican members of the House were being elected from gerrymandered districts drawn up by Republican state legislators from gerrymandered districts. Meanwhile, the Senate overrepresented sparsely populated red states, meaning the Electoral College favored Republican presidential candidates, who could then stack the court system with conservative judges who would […]

Boeing backs Trump plane emission rule seen by US states as weak

In lawsuit against US environment agency, 12 states said the rule lags ‘existing technology by more than 10 years’. United States plane maker Boeing Co has backed fuel efficiency standards for new aircraft – the first of their kind – finalised by the Trump administration in its waning days that a dozen states have challenged […]

Trump lashes out at McConnell as Republican rift deepens

Donald Trump slams Republican legislator Mitch McConnell, who has blamed former US president for Capitol riot. In the latest example of a growing rift in the United States Republican Party following the impeachment of Donald Trump, the former US president on Tuesday lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “Mitch is a dour, sullen, […]

On Trump, Michigan Republicans Lean One Way: ‘Fealty at All Costs’

ROCKFORD, Mich. — When Representative Peter Meijer voted to impeach Donald J. Trump in January, making him one of 10 House Republicans who bucked their party, he bluntly acknowledged that “it may have been an act of political suicide.” This month, during Mr. Meijer’s first town hall event since that impeachment vote, some of his […]