Twitter that sacrificed for New Delhi stung Twitter

New Delhi, angry with Twitter for ignoring account deletion request, wants to take down content within 36 hours of being asked. Due to a dispute with Twitter, according to a draft regulation, India Social media Intends to help companies quickly remove controversial content and assist in investigations. New Delhi’s Planned Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media […]

India plans new social media controls after face-off with Twitter

New Delhi, angry with Twitter for ignoring request to erase accounts, wants content down within 36 hours when asked. Chafing from a dispute with Twitter, India plans to oblige social media companies to erase contentious content fast and assist investigations, according to a draft regulation. New Delhi’s planned Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code […]

Twitter Is Turning Birds Into Celebrities and Birders Against One Another

In 2018 it was the Mandarin duck. Last October it was the barred owl. Just weeks ago it was the snowy owl. All three avian species catapulted to celebrity status after they landed in Central Park, becoming the subject of news reports from Manhattan to India and attracting gaggles of groupies, snapping away on their […]

India top court notice to gov’t, Twitter on social media content

Supreme Court asks for their response to plea seeking mechanism to check fake news, hate messages, and ‘seditious and incendiary’ content. India’s Supreme Court has asked for the government and Twitter’s response to a petition seeking a mechanism to check fake news, hate messages and what officials consider seditious and incendiary content on social media […]

India legislators move to rival Koo as row with Twitter escalates

India has rebuked Twitter for not complying with its orders to take down certain content and warned the social media giant that it needs to obey local laws, even as Indian legislators urged their followers to switch to a homegrown rival, Koo. India has ordered Twitter to remove more than 1,100 accounts and posts that […]

Twitter: Order to block accounts ‘not consistent with Indian law’

Social media giant says order to take down more than 1,100 accounts not consistent with Indian law as government threatens its executives with jail terms. Twitter Inc has said it would not fully comply with orders from India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to take down some accounts as it does not believe the orders […]

Twitter wraps ‘extraordinary year’ with Q4 jump in users, revenue

The social media giant’s revenue grew 28 percent to $1.29bn from $1bn in the final months of 2020, beating analysts’ estimates. Twitter posted solid results for the last three months of 2020, capping what CEO Jack Dorsey called “an extraordinary year” for the platform. New users signed on in large numbers to follow the world’s […]

Twitter seeks talks with India over order to remove accounts

India has asked the social media giant to take down 1,178 accounts it says are spreading misinformation about farmer protests. Twitter says it is seeking talks with India’s technology minister, days after the country asked the US-based social media giant to take down 1,178 accounts it says are spreading misinformation about ongoing farmers’ protests. New […]

Myanmar anti-junta protests spread, Twitter and Instagram blocked

Protests against the military takeover swell as nearly 300 politicians from the overthrown ruling party defy the coup. The lawyer for Myanmar’s elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and overthrown President Win Myint said the pair was under house arrest and that he was unable to meet them while hundreds of students and teachers joined […]

Twitter blocks accounts over India farmers protest on gov’t order

About 250 social media accounts and tweets temporarily blocked over ‘grave threat to public order’. Twitter on Monday temporarily blocked dozens of accounts and tweets in India at the Hindu nationalist government’s request, including those of a prominent news magazine and farmers staging mass protests in the capital. An Information Technology ministry source told the […]

Bitcoin surges above $38,000 after Musk adds to Twitter profile

Bitcoin benefitted from Elon Musk’s Midas touch after the Tesla founder added the cryptocurrency to his Twitter profile, triggering a dramatic rally. Bitcoin surged above $38,000 after Tesla Inc. founder Elon Musk mentioned the cryptocurrency on his Twitter profile. Musk’s page on Twitter simply said #bitcoin with no further explanation, but speculation that the world’s richest man might […]

Twitter Troll Tricked 4,900 Democrats in Vote-by-Phone Scheme, U.S. Says

A man who was known as a far-right Twitter troll was arrested on Wednesday and charged with spreading disinformation online that tricked Democratic voters in 2016 into trying to cast their ballots by phone instead of going to the polls. Federal prosecutors accused Douglass Mackey, 31, of coordinating with co-conspirators to spread memes on Twitter […]

Twitter locks account of China’s US embassy for post on Xinjiang

Social media giant says embassy post declaring that Uighur women were ‘no longer baby making machines’ dehumanises minority group. Twitter has locked the account of China’s embassy in the United States for a social media post that defended China’s policies towards Muslim Uighurs in the Xinjiang region, which the platform said violated the firm’s policy […]

Turkey slaps advertising ban on Twitter with new social media law

Under new law, social media companies that do not appoint local representatives will face a series of penalties. Turkey has hit Twitter, Pinterest and Periscope with advertising bans after they failed to follow Facebook and appoint a local representative to take down contentious posts under a new media law published on Tuesday. Under the law, […]

Twitter locks Republican lawmaker’s account for risk of violence

The move came after Marjorie Taylor Greene posted baseless claims of election fraud over the Georgia Senate elections. US tech giant Twitter has temporarily suspended the account of a newly elected Republican congresswoman for violating its integrity policy multiple times over baseless claims of election fraud. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account was locked for 12 hours […]

Why does the Russian opposition reject the Twitter Trump ban?

The storming of the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump has shaken the world. In Russia though, the events of January 6 were all but overshadowed by the banishment of the US president from Twitter. The focus shifted to Trump’s deplatforming in no small part because Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny weighed in […]

‘Dangerous’: Twitter CEO defends Trump ban, warns about precedent

Twitter removed US President Trump’s account last week citing risk of violence after storming of Capitol by his supporters. Twitter Inc Chief Executive Jack Dorsey says that banning United States President Donald Trump from its social media platform after last week’s violence at the US Capitol was the “right decision” but said it sets a […]

The Trump Twitter ban debate is a dangerous distraction

Stop. Just stop. The pernicious equivocations, obfuscations, excuses and reservations must stop. Now. The appeasement of a frothing maniac who encouraged, welcomed and cheered on a rampaging and deadly insurrection against the United States constitution and still, incredibly, remains the sitting president of the US must end – unequivocally. Enlightened Americans see the abiding menace […]

A ‘bad sign’: World leaders and officials blast Twitter Trump ban

Citing the danger of inciting further acts of violence, on January 8 Twitter suspended United States President Donald Trump’s account – three days after he called on his supporters on Twitter to march towards the US Capitol building while Congress was meeting to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. “After […]

Twitter permanently suspends Trump’s account

Company says Trump continues to foment violence, dispute election results a day after his account reactived. Twitter said on Friday it has permanently suspended US President Donald Trump’s account due to the risk of further incitement of violence. “After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have […]

Twitter, Facebook freeze Trump’s accounts after Congress assault

Facebook also said it would search for and remove content which praised the storming of the Capitol or encouraged the violence. Social media giants Twitter and Facebook temporarily locked the accounts of US President Donald Trump, as they scrambled to crack down on his baseless claims about the US presidential elections after his supporters stormed […]

Twitter followers of US gov’t accounts will not transfer to Biden

Twitter’s decision will not affect Donald Trump’s personal account, which has more than 88 million followers. Twitter has said it would not automatically transfer the millions of followers of the Trump administration on its platform to that of President-elect Joe Biden, but would give users the option to do so. The move affects followers of […]

Japan ‘Twitter killer’ sentenced to death for nine murders

TOKYO: A Japanese man dubbed the “Twitter killer” was sentenced to death by a Tokyo court on Tuesday for murdering and dismembering nine people he met on the social media platform.Takahiro Shiraishi, 30, admitted killing and butchering his young victims, all but one of whom were women.Shiraishi targeted social media users who posted about taking […]