Russian court rejects Navalny’s appeal against jail term

The Kremlin critic appealed a ruling that turned a suspended sentence on embezzlement charges into real jail time. A Moscow appeal court on Saturday upheld a prison sentence imposed on chief Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny after he returned to Russia from Germany last month. Judge Dmitry Balashov rejected Navalny’s appeal against the February 2 ruling, […]

Not just Navalny: Economic woes also drive Russians to protest

The trigger for some of the biggest protests to sweep Russia in years was the arrest of opposition politician and Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny, who was detained on his return to the country last month after surviving poisoning by a nerve agent. The anger runs deeper, however. Some protesters, young and old, say they have […]

Navalny: Police detain brother, search home ahead of new protests

Russian authorities stepped up pressure on jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny on Wednesday, as police raided his apartment and offices, as well as those of his allies and took his brother into custody ahead of new protests for his release this weekend. The 44-year-old, who nearly died after being poisoned last year, was jailed for […]

Biden speaks to Putin for first time since taking office

Biden addressed arrest of Alexey Navalny, Ukraine, and reports of bounties on US soldiers, the White House said. United States President Joe Biden has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since taking office, raising concerns about Russian activities including the treatment of jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny, the White House said. […]

After Capitol riots, Russia slams US’s ‘archaic’ electoral system

High-ranking Russian politicians on Thursday suggested an “archaic” United States electoral system that does not meet democratic standards and the politicisation of the media was to blame for the unrest in Washington, DC and divisions in the country. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald […]

Russia’s ultimatum to Navalny: Return immediately or face jail

Russia’s prison service has given Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny a last-minute ultimatum: fly back from Germany at once and report at a Moscow office early on Tuesday morning, or be jailed if you return after that deadline. Navalny, one of President Vladimir Putin’s leading critics, was airlifted to Germany for treatment in August after collapsing […]

Russia’s Putin signs bill giving ex-presidents lifetime immunity

Bill gives former presidents and their families immunity from prosecution for crimes committed during their lifetime. President Vladimir Putin has signed a law granting former Russian presidents expanded immunity from prosecution and allowing them to become senators for life in the upper house of Parliament once they leave the Kremlin. The new law follows sweeping […]

Kremlin: Navalny suffers ‘delusions of persecution, megalomania’

Kremlin-Navalny war of words escalates after fresh accusations by the opposition politician that Russian security services poisoned him. The Kremlin said on Tuesday that opposition leader Alexey Navalny was a “sick” man who suffered psychological complexes surrounding authority and power, after he claimed Russian security services had poisoned him. Navalny said on Monday that the […]

Putin: Russian forces ready to enter Belarus to end protests

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that he stands ready to send police to Belarus if protests there turn violent. Speaking in an interview broadcast on Thursday, Putin said currently there was no such need and voiced hope for stabilising the situation in the neighbouring country. Belarus’s president for 26 years, Alexander Lukashenko, is facing […]