Seven election officials killed in landmine blast as Niger votes

The incident comes as Niger holds a presidential election runoff between frontrunner Mohamed Bazoum and former President Mahamane Ousmane. Seven members of Niger’s electoral commission (CENI) have been killed during the country’s presidential election runoff when their vehicle hit a mine and exploded in the troubled western region of Tillaberi. The country regularly suffers attacks […]

Ecuador’s Cuenca votes to ban future mining projects

Quito, Ecuador – As the results of this month’s presidential elections in Ecuador remain disputed, another important vote was held that could have wide-reaching implications for the South American nation. Residents of the Andean city of Cuenca and the county’s rural outskirts on February 7 voted to prohibit future large-scale mining activities in five nearby […]

Trump Acquitted of Inciting Insurrection, Even as Bipartisan Majority Votes ‘Guilty’

But their overriding political calculation was clear. After party leaders briefly entertained using the process to purge Mr. Trump from their ranks, Republicans doubled down on a bet made five years ago: that it was better not to stoke another open confrontation with a man millions of their voters still singularly embrace. Senator Mitch McConnell, […]

Graphic Video of Capitol Attack Leaves Emotions Raw but May Not Change Votes

It was ghastly to watch, but that was the point. A rampaging crowd threatening death as invaders hunted the vice president and speaker of the House. Senators spinning around midstep to run for their lives. Staff members barricading themselves in an office as attackers pounded on the door. Overwhelmed police officers retreating from rioters, desperately […]

Senate Agrees Trial Is Constitutional, as Trump Consolidates Votes for an Acquittal

His partner David I. Schoen was sharper, asserting that Democrats were driven by an “insatiable lust” to destroy Mr. Trump. Mr. Schoen warned that they would instead damage the country by setting a new standard to pursue former officials, despite the fact that the House voted with bipartisan support to impeach Mr. Trump before he […]

DR Congo parliament votes to remove Prime Minister Ilunga

Legislators pass a no-confidence vote against prime minister, collapsing the government amid power struggle. Legislators in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have voted to remove Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba, collapsing the government and handing President Felix Tshisekedi a chance to appoint loyalists to key ministries. Wednesday’s vote marks the latest episode in […]

Iraqi cabinet votes to delay general election until October 10

The move comes after a proposal by Iraq’s Independent High Election Commission, which requested more time to organise the polls. Iraq’s cabinet has unanimously voted to postpone the country’s general elections to October 10, 2021, according to the INA state news agency. The polls, which were scheduled for June 6, will still be held roughly […]

Uganda votes in tense presidential election: Live news

Longtime President Yoweri Museveni faces strong challenge from pop star-turned-opposition leader Bobi Wine as he seeks a sixth term. Voting is under way in Uganda, in a tense presidential election pitting longtime President Yoweri Museveni against opposition frontrunner Bobi Wine, a pop star-turned-opposition leader. The run-up to Thursday’s vote was plagued by the worst political […]

‘Find 11,780 votes’ Trump tells Georgia election official

United States President Donald Trump allegedly urged Georgia’s top election official to recalculate the state’s presidential election results in his favour, while warning the official he was taking “a big risk” if he did not comply, according to the audio of an hourlong phone call obtained by The Washington Post. During the call on Saturday, […]

Liberia votes on George Weah’s bid to cut presidential terms

Liberians are also choosing whether to repeal a 1973 ban on dual nationality, a move some hope will be an economic boon. Liberians are voting on Tuesday on President George Weah’s plan to shorten presidential terms, with critics fearing he could use the change to cling to power. Former football star Weah has told supporters […]

Ghana votes in tight race between incumbent and former president

Ghanaians set to elect the new parliament and president in a race dubbed ‘the battle of two giants’. Ghanaians are voting in presidential and parliamentary elections, with the race for the top job, dubbed “the battle of two giants”, expected to be a close fight between incumbent Nana Akufo-Addo and longtime opponent John Mahama. Nestled […]

Trump campaign challenges over 100,000 votes in Georgia

New lawsuit is latest in long line of Trump challenges to US election results, most of which have been thrown out. President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed another lawsuit seeking to overturn United States election results, the campaign announced Friday, this time contesting more than 100,000 votes in the state of Georgia. The new lawsuit, […]

US House votes to decriminalise cannabis at the federal level

The United States House of Representatives voted on Friday to decriminalise cannabis at the federal level, but the legislation is not expected to advance further as long as the Senate remains in Republican hands. It was the first time either chamber of Congress has voted to end the federal ban on cannabis since the drug […]

In pictures: Protesters rally across US as votes are counted #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Activists demanding vote counts proceed unimpeded rallied in several cities, including Oakland, California, Atlanta, Detroit and New York City while dozens of supporters of President Donald Trump converged on vote-counting centres in Michigan and Arizona. Hundreds of protesters waving American flags and signs that read, “Count every vote, every vote counts,” demonstrated peacefully at Washington […]