Tesla again exposed the camera’s high-definition picture: every move is “analyzed”

Tesla again exposed the camera’s high-definition picture: every move is “analyzed” https://www.duzline.com

Recently, the well-known Tesla hacker “Green God” once again released a new Tesla car camera image.

Unlike before, the upper left corner of the screen clearly shows the driver’s every movement, including all movements of the head, eyes, hands, and even mobile phones and glasses.

What’s interesting is that the data judgment of “using a mobile phone” is not by judging whether the driver is talking or holding the mobile phone close to his ear, as long as the driver holds the mobile phone in his hand, it will be judged as “using a mobile phone“.

“Green God” also made other actions, but the data does not seem to be able to recognize the driver’s “eyes closed” action.

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In response to the question of whether Tesla’s in-car cameras will cause consumer privacy leaks, Tesla previously responded that “There is no infringement of users’ privacy through in-car cameras in the vehicles used by Tesla users. None of Tesla users’ vehicles have their in-vehicle cameras turned on, nor are they involved in FSD Beta testing.

However, some netizens said that although Tesla claims that the cameras of domestic models are not turned on, but thinking of having such a pair of “eyes” constantly analyzing you, such automatic driving is too insecure.

Watch Full Video here Inside Car Camera

In response to the “High-definition picture of Tesla’s in-car camera” incident , Xinhua News Agency commented on the 6th that “Tesla should understand that the privacy involved in the car is not something you can capture if you want!”

Xinhua News Agency stated, “The installation of a camera in a car may objectively bring a lot of convenience in terms of ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles,

but no matter what degree of convenience it is, it must not be at the cost of freely handing over personal privacy and information. Whether the camera in the car must be installed at the factory by default,

whether it requires a consumer to sign a consent form after installation, and whether it can be authorized once instead of long-term when it is activated, all these need to be clarified by the enterprise.”

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Tesla again exposed the camera’s high-definition picture: every move is “analyzed” https://www.duzline.com
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