Tesla electric truck Semi skipped tickets for another year: insufficient battery supply

Tesla electric truck Semi skipped tickets for another year: insufficient battery supply https://www.duzline.com

As early as a few years ago, the Tesla truck Semi was released, which is also the largest model in Tesla’s history.


Semi has already staged several bounces, becoming Tesla’s “bounce king” model.

Although Musk previously publicly announced that Semi will be mass-produced and delivered in 2021,

the night is really dreamy, and Semi once again bounced.

A few days ago, according to media reports, Tesla’s Semi electric trucks will be postponed until 2022 due to insufficient supply of batteries.

Earlier, Pepsi had ordered 100 Semi electric trucks from Tesla, and the latest MHX also ordered 10 models from Tesla,

but Musk said on social media that due to the short-term supply of batteries,

Semi production capacity Not enough, but this situation should be alleviated next year.

For Tesla’s electric trucks, many well-known companies in the United States are quite optimistic about them,

and they take the initiative to pay for the order. PepsiCo previously ordered the largest semi-transport from Tesla,

with a total of 100 Semi trucks.
Looking at it now,

the day when these trucks are printed with the Best Logo for transportation will have to be delayed for a while.

According to previously reported information, Semi will be equipped with new batteries different from 2170 and 4680, with a maximum battery capacity of 500kWh.

There are also two versions of the car’s cruising range.

The model priced at $150,000 (about 1.06 million yuan) has a cruising range of 300 miles (about 483km).

Models Prices,

The model priced at 180,000 U.S. dollars (approximately 1.27 million yuan) has a cruising range of 500 miles (approximately 805km).

At the same time, the car also supports fast charging mode, charging for 30 minutes can have a range of 644km.

In terms of power, Tesla claims that the 0-96km/h acceleration time of the Semi is only 5 seconds at no-load,

and the 0-96km/h acceleration time is 20 seconds under a load of 36 tons.

At present, Tesla has already started recruiting related positions for mass production of Semi trucks in its Gigafactory in Nevada.

However, with the skipped ticket, it is expected that the progress of the plant’s start of production of Semi will be postponed to next year.

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Tesla electric truck Semi skipped tickets for another year: insufficient battery supply https://www.duzline.com
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