The Complete Review of BMW G80 M3 with images

The Complete Review of BMW G80 M3 with images

The US version of Top Gear’s partner,

the well-known automotive magazine Motor Trend (hereinafter referred to as MT), has been late in reviewing the latest generation of G80 M3. In addition to the routine tongue teasing, it also surrendered under the big nostrils:

The G80 M3 starts at $74,000.

The media evaluation car in MT’s hands has been priced up to $104,000 because of the optional carbon-ceramic brakes, carbon fiber bucket seats, and carbon fiber exterior. The editors of MT believe that apart from carbon ceramic brakes ($8,150; domestic optional price of 80,000 yuan), everything else is dispensable.

In particular,

the carbon fiber exterior components of US$4,700 (domestic optional price of 45,700 yuan) are simply wasteful-the new M3 comes standard with a carbon fiber roof, which is the most important piece of carbon fiber components for the M.

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As for the carbon fiber bucket chair with male characteristics, MT believes that the thin and tall German engineer who designed the chair did not consider the difficulties of the car critics. If your thighs are very strong and the traffic is particularly congested, you will feel guilty in less than two hours. So I decided that this was the most uncomfortable chair.

The turning point is that once the M3 (on the track) is driven into the wild,

it will provide unparalleled wrapping-it may be too arbitrary to say that it is the best bucket chair, at least one of the best. The problem lies in the car owner’s environment. If it is only used for commuting, think twice before choosing a bucket seat.

Another problem is the weight of the car. The new M3 is larger and heavier than the predecessor M3 (F80) (3736 pounds vs 3646 pounds), which incurs verbal criticism.

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MT argued that M3’s competitors are heavier one by one: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, 3785 pounds; AMG C63, 3936 pounds; RS5 Sportback, weighing more than 4100 pounds… Why is there always someone on the Internet grabbing a major fuss about the M3 car? Please pay attention to the navy.

The rated parameters of the 3.0T S58 engine are 503 horsepower @650 N·m, and the 100% score is 3.5 seconds. Except for the brake and stop slightly worse, other indicators kill the old M3.

MT inspected the eight-character staking performance of the new M3,

and the result was a beautiful 23.8 seconds (the old M3 and Alfa Romeo Giulia are both open in 24 seconds)-according to MT standards, cars with less than 24 seconds belong to Supercar level, you can have a supercar with less than one million, what else are you dissatisfied with? ?

S58 can provide peak torque from 2600 to 6000 rpm. This torque curve is flat like a mirror. Don’t worry about the third gear, fourth gear and fifth gear. The power is on call, you are on the peak torque platform. There is always Bimmer obsessed with the dual clutch of the previous generation of M3. The contempt chain starts with the noble MT, and AT is at the bottom. In fact, the difference is very small, unless it is caught in a critical obsession.

The front of the new M3 is excellent,

the steering is extremely sharp, and there is no understeer. This is not easy for a street car with a heavy front (the weight ratio is 53 front and 47 rear). There is almost no oversteer, the side effect is that it is not easy to drift, perhaps because the standard Michelin Pilot Sport 4S grip is too good.

Finally, there is the appearance issue that Internet celebrities have a say. MT editors think the front face of the new M3 is so ugly that it is impossible to ignore it.

The front face of the car is like a human face, the headlights are like eyes, and the grille is equal to the mouth… The front face of the M3 cannot be personified, it can only be insectized—for example, the Jerusalem cricket:

The advantage is that people instinctively avoid it on the road.

Coupled with a female driver, pasted with the word “practice” and combined with the wiper, even if the other party has the most serious road rage, it can be cured instantly.

In fact, choosing the right color is very important. The Portimão blue in the article is not a good choice-the large nostrils integrated into the dark car body are not so obtrusive, such as the hottest custom color Frozen Dark Grey:

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The Complete Review of BMW G80 M3 with images
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