“The core is too messy”!Apple and Xiaomi berserk Samsung OLED panels

“The core is too messy”!Apple and Xiaomi berserk Samsung OLED panels https://www.duzline.com

At the end of last year, many car companies around the world have cut production or even stopped production due to chip shortages.

Due to the increasing problem of chip shortages,

the “chip shortage” continues to spread,

and the PC, mobile phone, and game console industries have also been affected one after another.In addition, due to global chip shortages, the production capacity of OLED screens has also been affected to varying degrees.

As a leader in the screen supply chain,

Samsung Display OLED panels have recently been snapped up by many mobile phone manufacturers.

A few days ago, some media reported that, according to sources in the supply chain ,

plan to sign a large number of OLED procurement contracts with Samsung Display in 2022.

Among them, Xiaomi will purchase a large number of flexible OLED screens from Samsung Display.

Supply chain sources pointed out that under normal circumstances, mobile phone manufacturers will first develop new models,
and then purchase OLED panels based on models.


due to the shortage of driver chips, mobile phone manufacturers will first seize high-quality resources and develop new phones based on resources.
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In addition, previous media reports said that Qualcomm was affected by the shortage of wafer foundry production capacity and the impact of the shutdown of Samsung’s Texas plant and the impact of key IC shipments.

The supply of its 5G mobile phone chips was blocked. Companies such as Xiaomi and OPPO have turned to MediaTek chips.

According to the news,

the proportion of Xiaomi using Qualcomm chips has dropped from the previous 80% to 55%, and a large number of orders have been transferred to MediaTek.

TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia recently stated that the shortage of some “critical semiconductors” will continue at least until the end of this year, or even 2022.

At present, the company’s customers are experiencing capacity shortages across the entire industry, mainly caused by long-term demand growth and short-term supply chains. Imbalances are caused together.

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“The core is too messy”!Apple and Xiaomi berserk Samsung OLED panels https://www.duzline.com
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