The demand for ‘iPhone 13’ can be increased by continuing the ‘excellent supply’ of iPhone 12

The demand for ‘iPhone 13’ can be increased by continuing the ‘excellent supply’ of iPhone 12

According to a report Apple’s iPhone 12 generation is in full swing, and the Woodbush supply chain has reported that Apple’s “supercycle” and even the “iPhone 13” are available.

Apple’s typical production cycle usually begins with a high level of demand before the spring break after the lucrative holiday shopping season. According to the note applicator provided to investors, the decline in normal production is less than expected.

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Analysts Daniel Evis and striker Becky said that after the Chinese New Year, Apple’s preparations are on the rise, with supply chain checks. Instead of making a big difference in the expected decline in production, “there are some adjustments for short-term construction.”

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In the March quarter, Apple is expected to produce between 56 and 62 million iPhone units. A previous supply chain inspection suggested a range of 60 to 70 million.

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In addition, there will be no change in the initial construction work for the fiscal year ending in June, which is expected to be in the mid-40s.

Analysts say that “Apple’s launch trend has not been so strong in the last few years.” According to our analysis, the iPhone was what the iPhone 6 looked like in 2014. “

Wall Street expects to have 220 million iPhones by 2021, but Woodbush thinks Apple can do more. Based on current developments and the booming situation, Apple still has the potential to sell 250 million units “240 million North” or “amazing”.

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These sentiments were raised in a previous investor’s note on February 21, indicating the “strong power” of demand.

Wedbush is not the only company that believes that Apple’s iPhone is the most powerful era. In a February 25 note, JPMorgan forecast 2021 phone shipments from 236 million to 230 million, with sales volume rising 13% after 2020.

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As part of this report, analysts also conducted their first study on possible iPhone 13 designs designed for this fall. Construction of the group’s first supply chain is expected to increase 100 million times from 80 million iPhone 12 measurements over the same period last year.

In theory, this represents an increase in production year after year. Indeed, the numbers may change, but they do provide some clues to analysts.

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“We believe this will boost Coca-Cola & Co.’s confidence that this human-made 5G cycle will grow by 2022,” Memo said. It also states that since CoVid 19, Apple
could benefit from a “re-vaccination environment” for consumers who have been vaccinated and are more self-sufficient.

As you might expect, the iPhone 13 is expected to take advantage of the existing 1TB storage option, which can reach up to 512GB. Other improvements were also highlighted, such as the leader for all models.

Apple’s 12-month price target for Woodbush is 175, which the company calls “high.”

The demand for ‘iPhone 13’ can be increased by continuing the ‘excellent supply’ of iPhone 12
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