The first “flip” Snapdragon 888 flagship!Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 renderings exposed

The first “flip” Snapdragon 888 flagship!Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 renderings exposed

In February last year, Samsung officially released the first clamshell-style folding screen Galaxy Z Flip. With its stylish and portable design, it has won the favor of countless users, especially popular among female users. It has also promoted the folding screen. The popularity of mobile phones.

According to relevant media reports,Samsung may bring the latest iteration of the phone in July this year-Galaxy Z Flip 2.

Recently, the well-known blogger exposed

A latest rendering of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, showing the appearance design of the phone.

From the picture,The overall architecture of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 still continues the previous generation’s plan.It will be folded up and down, similar to a classic flip phone, while retaining the small secondary screen next to the camera.Can be used for convenient time and notification message display.

In addition,

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 also added many details of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in appearance, and the back camera adopts a vertical dual-camera solution.And the entire camera area and the middle frame adopt an integrated design.


the rendering of this exposure did not show the front design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, and it is impossible to understand the screen design of the machine.

However, it was previously reported thatSamsung will use a smaller front camera opening and narrower frame, and will also use a new type of screen protection glass, which can effectively reduce screen creases and bring better visual effects.

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In addition, there are reports that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will use a new generation of LTPO technology display,

The screen size is within the range of 6.7″~6.9″, supports 120Hz adaptive dynamic refresh rate,Power consumption has also been reduced.

In terms of core configuration,

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be equipped with the current industry’s top Snapdragon 888 processor,It can bring top performance output experience, which will also make up for the regret of insufficient performance of previous generation products, and will also significantly increase the target users of this machine.

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The first “flip” Snapdragon 888 flagship!Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 renderings exposed
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