The first full screen!Expose iPad mini 6 to start trial production: support 5G network

The first full screen!Expose iPad mini 6 to start trial production: support 5G network

Not long ago,

Apple held a spring new product launch conference, bringing consumers a variety of new products, including the purple iPhone 12, the M1 version of the iPad Pro, and the “pigeon” AirTag for a long time. Can show up.

Recently, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst of Tianfeng International, said that a touch panel supplier will benefit from the new iPad mini released in the second half of 2021. This device is the long-awaited iPad mini 6 for consumers.

Today, according to a well-known digital blogger news,The new full-screen iPad mini is already in trial production and can be regarded as a reduced version of the iPad Pro, available in gray and silver styles, and available in WiFi and 5G versions.

According to previous news,

Apple is developing a new 9-inch display iPad mini, this product will use a similar full screen similar to the previous iPad Air 4, and will move Touch ID to the side buttons.

In addition, on the hardware,iPad mini 6 may use A14 chip, support 5G network, and provide three storage versions of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. At the same time, iPad mini 6 will also support Apple Pencil 2 stylus.

The folk renderings are for reference only

It should be noted that the last time Apple updated the iPad mini was in 2019.The fifth-generation mini continues almost the same style of the fourth-generation in 2015 in appearance, and the screen is still 7.9 inches.

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Considering that the appearance and configuration of the iPad mini 6 have been upgraded,

netizens who like small-screen Pads are advised to wait and see and postpone the purchase of the iPad mini 5.

In addition, the new generation of iPad mini has a relatively large upgrade, and the price may rise, but the market positioning of the entry-level tablet will not change.
It is expected that this tablet may become the cheapest A14 product currently.

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The first full screen!Expose iPad mini 6 to start trial production: support 5G network
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