The first pop-up Snapdragon 888 flagship Lenovo Savior 2 Pro released: eight fingers operate at the same time

The first pop-up Snapdragon 888 flagship Lenovo Savior 2 Pro released: eight fingers operate at the same time

A quarter of 2021 has passed. There are already many e-sports game phones in the domestic market. Tonight, Lenovo will also launch a new generation of e-sports phones-the Savior 2 Pro,

which not only upgrades the Snapdragon 888, but also has a pop-up full screen. , And more importantly, it is also very good at taking pictures, and the combination of game + live broadcast is very good.

The unique symmetrical aesthetics of the rescuer 2 Pro: center + pop-up screen

The design of Savior 2 Pro is very unique and very different from traditional mainstream mobile phones. The internal design uses an ATA 2.0 mid-mounted architecture,

which is similar to the mid-mounted architecture of a car. The hardware is stacked in the middle, which can further optimize the heat dissipation structure. The hardware core area conducts heat to both sides at the same time.


The unique architecture of the Savior 2 Pro also achieves symmetrical aesthetics, including the world’s first and only dual X-axis motor, a new dual turbofan supercharged liquid-cooled active and passive integrated heat dissipation system, dual symmetrical eight keys, etc., feel and The operations are all based on the real experience of e-sports games.

Thanks to this architecture, the camera of the Savior 2 Pro is also center-mounted, with a front 44-megapixel selfie lens and support for AI virtual anchors, which is convenient for users to broadcast live when playing games. This is also one of the advantages of the center-mounted lens.

The rear 64-megapixel outsole main camera + 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, etc., the 1/2.32-inch frame is quite prominent in e-sports mobile phones, it also supports the RAW domain super night scene algorithm, and also supports 8K video, regardless of whether the photo is taken or the video is on the phone. I was able to play in competing mobile phones, but I didn’t deal with it.

Savior 2 Pro screen upgrade Samsung E4: 144Hz high brush +720Hz sampling rate

In terms of screen, the Savior 2 Pro is equipped with a 6.92-inch AMOLED Samsung custom gaming non-porous screen, using the latest E4 material and diamond arrangement, 144Hz high brush, touch sampling rate 720Hz is the world’s highest level.

In addition, the screen of the Savior 2 Pro also supports HDR10+, Delta E<0.5, and 111.1% P3 wide color gamut coverage, with a peak brightness of 1300nit.

In terms of eye protection, Savior 2 Pro supports DC dimming and has passed the German Rheinland tuv anti-blue light eye protection certification.

Savior 2 Pro hardware configuration: Snapdragon 888 Audio-Technica, dual turbofan supercharged liquid cooling, active and passive heat dissipation


In terms of performance, the Savior 2 Pro uses the Audio-Technica combination of Snapdragon 888, LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, with a running score of up to 855,000 points.

In order to suppress the Snapdragon 888, the Rescuer 2 Pro is also equipped with the world’s only dual turbofan supercharged liquid-cooled active and passive heat dissipation system, which is composed of one of the industry’s largest liquid-cooled VC soaking plates + 1 independent It is composed of a closed copper duct + 2 turbocharged fans + 2 independent air outlets, plus a revolutionary ATA 2.0 heat source central structure.

According to Lenovo, when playing games, the temperature difference of the Savior 2 Pro can reach 22 degrees at 20 degrees, which means that the body temperature is around 42 degrees.

Savior 2 Pro battery and fast charge: 5500mAh battery + 90W fast charge

For e-sports phones, battery life and fast charging are also key points. The Savior 2 Pro is equipped with a 5500mAh battery, which is not only one of the current largest e-sports phones, but also supports 90W super fast charging, which can be charged in 17 minutes. 82% battery, cures battery life anxiety.

In other respects, the Savior 2 Pro phone also supports the strongest dual speakers in the phone, a full-featured USB-C interface, 5G+Wi-Fi 6E dual network, etc., with two colors, Xuan and Xiao, support for RGB faith lights, weight 262 grams, not to list them one by one.

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Lenovo Savior 2 Pro real machine first exposure: RGB breathing light + built-in turbo fan
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The first pop-up Snapdragon 888 flagship Lenovo Savior 2 Pro released: eight fingers operate at the same time
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