The first watch that can remotely control Tesla!Meizu Watch will debut next month

The first watch that can remotely control Tesla!Meizu Watch will debut next month

Meizu officially announced the Flyme for Watch watch system at the 18 series conference on March 2 and announced that it will officially release its first smart watch-Meizu Watch in May.

This afternoon, Wan Zhiqiang, the head of Meizu technology marketing, warmed up Meizu Watch on Weibo,Confirmed that this watch is about to debut in one month,

And revealed a major feature of Meizu Watch: remote control of Tesla.

Meizu Watch supports remote control of Tesla cars;

It is reported that Tesla introduced the remote control driving function as early as a few years ago,

which can control the car through the mobile phone APP. When the parking space is small,

you can directly get off the car and use the mobile phone to control the parking space.

This function is also popular by Tesla. It is sought after by car owners and very practical.

This function can only be achieved by mobile phones in the past, and the upcomingMeizu Watch will be the first watch to support Tesla’s remote control function.

This is mainly due to the fact that Flyme for Watch is a truly smart operating system.Different from the previous RTOS and other systems,

Meizu Watch can be regarded as a small mobile phone, and it inherits all the design languages ​​of Flyme 9 and is exclusively optimized for small screens.

APP, and payment functions

Flyme for Watch supports independent communication, APP, and payment functions

According to Meizu’s official introduction, Flyme for Watch not only supports conventional notification synchronization,

music control and other functions, but also supports eSIM independent call function completely separated from mobile phones, supports independent networking,

and can realize the function of finding mobile phones, which is convenient for users.

Flyme for Watch also supports the installation of third-party apps,The leading applications include Air Travel, Baidu Maps,

NetEase Cloud Music, Alipay, Sogou Input Method, QQ and many other watch-end apps. It also has the Aicy voice assistant,

which can achieve the same experience as the mobile phone.

It is worth mentioning that,Meizu also brought the OneMind smart engine, which was well received on the mobile phone, to the watch.The watch also has a learning function,

which can achieve up to 300 special optimizations, bringing a real smart watch experience, which is worth looking forward to.

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The first watch that can remotely control Tesla!Meizu Watch will debut next month
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