The iPhone 13 Pro camera may take even clearer ultraviolet photos than the iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro camera may take even clearer ultraviolet photos than the iPhone 12 Pro


According to a report and some information new rumors, the iPhone 13, Pro and Pro Max can take clearer photos and videos with some camera upgrades, but these improvements may not be at the bottom of the iPhone 13, handset.

We learned Something important about iPhone 13 Couple of Days

Sources told DG Times that the iPhone 13 Pro, and ProMax cameras have been reported to improve ultra-wide cameras, by adding sensor-shifted optical image stabilization, (OIS) and autofocus.

According to McRomers, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, was the first iPhone to combine a main camera with sensor-shifted OIS, shifting the sensor instead of the lens for clearer images. It’s not clear if the iPhone 13 Pro’s main camera, will be upgraded in the same way, but the sensor shift accelerates the very wide cameras of the OIS 13 Pro and Pro Max, and this lens gives a clearer image. You can get it.

Let’s take a look at all the rumors about the iPhone 13 camera.

You’ve probably read a lot about better iPhone 13 cameras, but see if they look like they’re growing and / or if they’re technical faxes you don’t remember. Let’s look.

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There are rumors that it applies to all iPhone 13 models, including the front sensor suite that combines an infrared camera and a dot projector in a separate module to reduce the mark.

According to two different reports, the ultra-wide camera has been improved from the 12f / 2.4 aperture in the iPhone 12 range to the f / 1.8 in the iPhone 13 handset, which, rumoredly, allows for better low light performance. To all four 2021 phones, and others say it’s just heading for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

Thats why, according to top analysts, the iPhone 13 will soon look obsolete this year.

Some of the upgrades we’ve heard are only available on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. This includes the huge rumors mentioned above and the increased size of the main lens. The other suggests that the iPhone 13 Pro has a better telecom camera and its predecessor has a focal length of f / 2.0, 52mm equal to a shooter and a focal length of f / 2.2, 65mm equal to a camera. I have. Can be changed for iPhone12ProMax. Simply put, increase the optical zoom from 2x to 2.5x.

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Other rumors suggest that the current features of iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will be included in the low-end iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Two rumors suggest that Lidar will be included in more affordable phones and will include sensor shift OIS for all four iPhone 13 models (probably the main camera only).

And in May 2020 (before the iPhone 12 was announced), the iPhone 13 will have a 64MP main lens, a 40MP phone photo and a 3x to 5x optical zoom, and a 15x to 20x digital zoom. There are rumors that it will be done. , 40MP ultra wide lens, and 64MP anamorphic lens for shooting with 2.1: 1 aspect ratio. Compare it to the iPhone 12, which has 12MP main and 12MP ultra wide, no telephoto lens, and no anamorphic lens at all. Okay

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These are the biggest rumors, but as you can see, they suggest significant improvements that can result in better images. Even if they are implemented, consumers can still see the difference. It’s hard, but with a major upgrade to the iPhone 13, its image capabilities could improve everywhere.

The iPhone 13 Pro camera may take even clearer ultraviolet photos than the iPhone 12 Pro
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