The shape is basically set! iPhone 13/13 Pro high-definition rendering exposure: bangs shrink

The shape is basically set! iPhone 13/13 Pro high-definition rendering exposure: bangs shrink

According to previous news, Apple will release the new iPhone 13 series as scheduled in September of this year. Although there are still a few months away from the conference, news about the phone has emerged in an endless stream. At present, the general design of the phone can be basically determined.

Today, 9TechEleven, a well-known overseas god, released a high-definition rendering of the iPhone 13/13 Pro based on existing news, showing the appearance of the phone.

Net exposure iPhone 13/13 Pro rendering

According to the picture,The two iPhone 13/13 Pro models still use the design of the square frame and the notch, but the notch area is greatly reduced.Earlier news said that this is because Apple has adopted a micro-slit earpiece, which hides the earpiece at the junction of the screen and the middle frame, making more space for the Face ID component.

At the same time,

iPhone 13/13 Pro will also use the latest D-ToF (Direct ToF) technology to replace this cutting-edge four-year Face ID technology.It can effectively reduce the volume of the 3D structured light sensing module, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the bangs.

iPhone 13 series bangs are significantly reduced

have to be aware of is,This year, Apple will bring high configuration to the iPhone 13 Pro series, equipped with Samsung LTPO screen,This technology can support a higher refresh rate and greatly reduce screen power consumption. It can also support intelligent adjustment of the screen refresh rate.Can realize automatic switching between 1-120Hz.

As the entry version, iPhone 13 will not be able to enjoy the LTPO smart screen, and may not even be equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate and still maintain a 60Hz configuration.

As for the back design,The iPhone 13 uses a new diagonal dual-camera solution.The overall look seems to be more coordinated, and there is no obvious change in the configuration.

On the contrary,

the iPhone 13 Pro has no changes in the shape of the camera module.However, it is reported that Apple will be its main camera with 48 million pixels (1/1.3″).This is a huge improvement for the previous “Wan Nian” 1200 pixel iPhone, which will also become the most powerful imaging iPhone model in history, and it is worth looking forward to.

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The shape is basically set! iPhone 13/13 Pro high-definition rendering exposure: bangs shrink
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