The Skoda electric car will be released soon, built on the BYD platform

The Skoda electric car will be released soon, built on the BYD platform

With the transformation of the global automobile market to electrification, the new energy automobile industry has ushered in the best “golden age” of development in history, and BYD,

which has been positioned as a new energy automobile company since its inception,After decades of intensive cultivation, it has achieved an absolute “leading” position in China’s new energy vehicle market.


BYD has firmly held the core three-electric technology of electric vehicles in its hands.Motor, electronic control, battery R&D and production, as well as vehicle manufacturing, are all self-developed by BYD.It can be said that BYD is one of the few car companies in the world that has a full industrial chain layout in the field of electric vehicles.

Thanks to such systematic advantages, BYD not only sold batteries to the outside world, but also began to sell its own electric vehicle technology to other car companies around the world.

A few days ago, a car blogger broke the news that with the localization of Volkswagen’s electric car ID.4, Skoda electric cars are also on the road.However, unlike Volkswagen’s self-developed ID.4, Skoda electric vehicles use BYD technology.

According to his introduction, Skoda’s electric car is built on the BYD electric platform.By adopting BYD’s full set of electric technology, BYD has received more than one billion R&D expenses.


The blogger also said with emotion that foreign auto joint venture brands have begun to introduce technology to Chinese companies in the era of new energy vehicles.

If this were placed in the Chinese auto market more than ten years ago, it would be an unimaginable scene. From this point of view, it is very good that the Chinese market can have such companies as BYD, Chery, and Great Wall.

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The Skoda electric car will be released soon, built on the BYD platform
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