The small screen flagship must have poor battery life?Meizu 18 refreshes three views

The small screen flagship must have poor battery life?Meizu 18 refreshes three views

Smart phones have long entered the era of large screens, but some people are still obsessed with small screen phones.

For these people, the compact body can give them a sense of control that they can hold with only one hand, but it is difficult to calm their anxiety about battery life.

Because the body is too small to hold a larger capacity battery, this is also one of the important reasons why small-screen mobile phones are gradually losing the market.

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Fortunately, small-screen mobile phone enthusiasts are not completely without the best of both worlds.

Recently, Meizu has pushed the Flyme early adopter firmware OTA upgrade to Meizu 18.

This version has made a series of improvements and updates for the previous Meizu 18’s overall battery life, power consumption, performance, and model watermark .

The small screen flagship must have poor battery life?Meizu 18 refreshes three views

Meizu 18 is a small-screen flagship smartphone released by Meizu not long ago . Its thickness is only 8.18mm, weight is only 162g, and the body width is 69.2mm.

There is no pressure for one-handed operation. Its 6.2-inch screen is also slightly more attractive among the flagship phones with large screens this year.

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Meizu 18 Price and Specifications,

Although Meizu 18 is larger than the classic 5.8-inch mobile phone, today’s mainstream flagship mobile phones are already 6.5 inches or more, even reaching 6.7 inches, so Meizu 18 is indeed a small-screen mobile phone.

In such a compact body, Meizu 18 is still plugged into the Snapdragon 888 processor and a 4000mAh capacity battery, and it also supports 36W fast charging, covering PD and QC universal fast charging protocols.

In addition, as a flagship with a small screen full of blood, Meizu 18 also uses a 2K micro-arc flexible screen that supports 120Hz high brushing.

“The sparrow is small, but it has all five internal organs.”
This sentence can be used to describe the Meizu 18 mobile phone. Although the body is small, it has all the flagship configurations.

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Meizu 18 Pro Price and Specifications,

If the battery life of this phone can meet the needs of most users, then this will be an ideal model for small-screen mobile phone enthusiasts.

According to the battery life measurement conducted by the digital blogger @小白, the overall battery life of Meizu 18 , which has updated the Flyme early adopter firmware, has been significantly improved.

The test results show that in the three-hour comprehensive battery life test, compared with the previous version of the firmware,

Battery life of Meizu 18 has increased by nearly 11%, and the overall ranking has also entered the forefront of the list.

According to the “three-hour comprehensive battery life test” standard, Meizu 18 has a remaining power of 57% after half an hour of King Glory + half an hour of video recording + half an hour of station B video + half an hour of Taobao + half an hour of Weibo + half an hour of Douyin .

This means that under normal use of Meizu 18, its battery life can already meet the needs of most users.

Even in the rigorous five-hour game heavy battery life test, Meizu 18 successfully survived 5 hours. Such a result is very good for a small-screen flagship, slightly better than Apple’s iPhone 12.

In addition to battery life, heat generation is also a traditional weakness of small-screen mobile phones, because the internal space of the fuselage is small, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.


Meizu 18 is only 45.1° in the HDR high-definition and extreme body maximum temperature measured in “Peace Elite”,

which is in the upper-middle level among the flagship phones, and performs extremely well.

My opinion, Meizu 18 has good performance, battery life, heat generation and other performances.
It is a small-screen flagship phone worth buying, and perhaps the last small-screen phone worth buying in the big-screen era.

Because from the perspective of the development cycle of smart phone products, the replacement of small-screen products by large-screen products is an inevitable trend.

As the functions that personal terminals can implement in the future become more abundant, small-screen products will have less and less room for survival.

Because the larger the screen, the larger the user’s operating space and the better visual experience,

whether it is for office or study, the large screen can bring you more information and improve the efficiency of information processing.

In recent years, smart phones have evolved from full screens to folding screens, all of which have been increasing the screen size to enhance the user experience.

Small-screen mobile phone lovers, cherish the current small-screen flagship phones such as Meizu 18, Samsung S21, Huawei P40 and so on.
It may be difficult to see new small-screen models in the future.

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The small screen flagship must have poor battery life?Meizu 18 refreshes three views
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