The strongest in Apple history! A15 chip prospect: TSMC foundry

The strongest in Apple history! A15 chip prospect: TSMC foundry

On April 6, according to DigiTimes, TSMC will mass produce A15 chips as planned at the end of May.

The chips will use an enhanced version of the 5mn process. There is no doubt that these chips will be mounted on Apple’s new iPhone, this year.

Chip Shortage?

The current global chip shortage is still continuing. In order not to affect the normal supply of iPhone devices in the second half of the year, it is necessary for Apple to prepare sufficient chips.

The A15 chip produced by TSMC this time will still be based on the 5nm enhanced version process. This is not the first use of the enhanced version 5nm process.

Previously, the 2020 version of the iPad Air and last year’s iPhone 12 series A14 bionic chip adopted this process. This year’s enhanced version is believed to improve performance and energy efficiency.

Iphone  launch conference in September.

In recent years, Apple has been accustomed to holding the autumn new product launch conference in September to release the iPhone series of that year.

In the context of last year’s global epidemic, the entire supply chain was affected.
Apple also postponed the fall conference to October.

Looking at the situation this year, the situation of the epidemic abroad is still not optimistic, and the shortage of chips can hardly be alleviated in a short period of time.

Can Apple hold a new product launch conference on time in September as it did in previous years?

Tianfeng International industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that although the impact of the epidemic still exists, the supply chain has basically returned to normal operation.

TSMC’s early large-scale shipment of new chips is a signal, which indicates that.

Apple is expected to resume the release of the new iPhone in September. Convention.

DigiTimes pointed out that although the A15 processor will use an upgraded version of TSMC’s 5nm process, its performance will be improved mainly through structural improvements.

The current details revealed that the new iPhone will use a smaller bang design, thanks to Apple’s redesign of the handset; some models of the new iPhone will be equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate dynamic refresh display, support for screen display.

In addition, iPhone storage specifications may also usher in an upgrade again. In October last year, technology media person @Jon Prosser said that .

Apple is considering doubling the storage capacity.

In January, he again revealed that the prototype of the new iPhone Pro version had a 1TB capacity.

Considering that the 512GB storage version of the industry has been around for a long time,

it is reasonable for Apple to add storage specifications to the iPhone, but all mysteries will still be revealed at the press conference.

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The strongest in Apple history! A15 chip prospect: TSMC foundry
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