The strongest small screen flagship! iPhone 13 mini CAD model first exposed: major changes in appearance

The strongest small screen flagship! iPhone 13 mini CAD model first exposed: major changes in appearance

Recently, there has been an endless stream of news about Apple’s new-generation flagship mobile phone iPhone 13 series. According to the current news, the series will debut as scheduled at the autumn new product launch conference in September.

Although last year’s

iPhone 12 mini sales performance was very embarrassing, it is reported that Apple will still not give up the model.In the new generation of product planning, there are still iPhone 13 mini models,

This machine will once again refresh the performance record of small-screen mobile phones and become the world’s strongest small-screen flagship.

Recently,Some netizens exposed

the CAD model design of the iPhone 13 mini for the first time.Shows the ID changes of the machine compared with the previous generation products.

According to the picture, the iPhone 13 mini has basically inherited the design ideas of the previous generation and still adopts the square frame design.

However, the post-photograph part brought a brand-new design, a breakthrough in the use of a diagonal dual-camera solution.The overall visual perception seems to be more coordinated.

iPhone 13 appearance exposure: diagonal dual camera, 7 colorful color matching
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Unfortunately, the model diagram did not show the frontal plan of the iPhone 13 mini, but according to previous reports,

Apple will equip all iPhone 13 series with small notch screens. This is the first time that Apple has made a knife to notch screens in four years.

It is worth mentioning that the main reason why the iPhone 12 mini was not popular was the extremely poor battery life.

The small body size restricted the internal space and could only be equipped with a small capacity battery. With the support of A14 and 5G, this caused The endurance performance of embarrassing reuse, and this will be improved on the new model.

According to previous news, the iPhone 13 mini will still use a 5.4-inch screen with the same size as the previous generation.However,

Apple will use special methods to increase the internal battery capacity, and at the same time make special optimizations at the software level to improve the battery life of the aircraft.This will also make up for the biggest shortcomings of mini models.

Net exposure iPhone 13 mini CAD model design

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The strongest small screen flagship! iPhone 13 mini CAD model first exposed: major changes in appearance
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