Three-cylinder 1.5T+CVT over 200 horsepower!Brand new domestic X-Jun spy photos exposed

Three-cylinder 1.5T+CVT over 200 horsepower!Brand new domestic X-Jun spy photos exposed

Although Toyota and Honda, among Japanese cars, have taken the lead in using three-cylinder supercharged engines in China, both are low-power supplementary models for four-cylinder engines.

Three Cylinder,

Nissan is quite aggressive this time, bringing a 1.5T three-cylinder supercharged engine to the new Qijun, and as the main power version of the model, Nissan has also begun to bet on the three-cylinder engine.

A few days ago, Dongfeng Nissan officially released a new generation of X-Jun in camouflage spy photos. The new car has been “shown” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before.

The exterior and interior parts are consistent with the US version of Rogue (called X-Jun in China). The style of the whole car is younger and sportier than the current Qijun.

The biggest highlight of the new car is its power system. The power mark at the rear of the new car is “300 VC-Turbo”,

which means that the new car will be equipped with a 1.5T three-cylinder turbocharged engine using VC-Turbo technology.

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Nissan’s VC-Trubo (Variable Compression Ratio) technology can realize the continuous change of the engine compression ratio from 8:1 to 14:1,

and it only takes 1.2 seconds to reduce the compression ratio from the maximum to the minimum.


According to the previous official introduction, it can save 27% of fuel consumption compared to the same power V6 engine, and can achieve a maximum power output of 200kW and 390N·m;

its turbo can respond faster in terms of acceleration performance; NVH can be more efficient than a general four-cylinder engine Reduce the decibel value of sound noise by 20dB.

The 1.5T three-cylinder turbocharger equipped with Nissan’s new X-Trail is also quite irritable with the blessing of VC Turbo and turbocharging technology.

The new Qijun adopts a new domestically-made 1.5L variable compression ratio turbocharged engine code-named KR15, with a rated power of 150kW (204Ps),

Average / litre,

Maximum torque of 300N·m, and a minimum fuel consumption of 5.8L/100km under comprehensive working conditions.

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In terms of body size, compared with the old model, it has a slight increase, which are 4681/1840/1730mm respectively, and the wheelbase remains unchanged.

This body size is also a standard compact SUV body, not much different from Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and other models.

In the configuration part, the new car has a full LCD instrument panel and a suspended central control screen, which is full of technology, and the gear shift lever is also redesigned.

The overall interior of the car is relatively young and sporty. Compared with the current Qijun, the overall appearance of the new car The level of appearance has improved tremendously, and it is more popular with young consumers.

In addition, in terms of luxury and comfort, the new X-Trail is also equipped with ANC active noise reduction function.

Nissan has begun to adopt the active noise-reduction function commonly used in American luxury cars.

It also explains from another level that the new X-Trail is in terms of luxury comfort.

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With more resources and energy invested, there is reason to expect the new Qijun to bring more surprises.

In general, all aspects of the new Qijun product strength have been greatly improved,

and the configuration,

luxury and comfort features have also gone to a higher level.

Although in the eyes of many domestic consumers,

it is still a three-cylinder engine, but in the face of so many advantages,

as the strongest Japanese competitor of Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4

Attitude of domestic consumers toward the new Qijun may be Will it be really fragrant?

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Three-cylinder 1.5T+CVT over 200 horsepower!Brand new domestic X-Jun spy photos exposed
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