Top Android machine king!Exposure of Xiaomi Mi 11 Super Big Cup Emperor Edition: Equipped with 16GB RAM

Exclusive Secret: The twists and turns and hesitation behind Xiaomi’s car making

Mi 11 Super Cup series has been officially announced before, including the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra flagships, which will be officially released on March 29.

It is reported that Xiaomi 11 Pro/11 Ultra has passed the certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last week, but according to the latest news,

There are several new memory versions have been added to the series today.Including 16GB+512GB “Emperor Edition”, This is also the highest flagship memory configuration on the market.

Xiaomi 11 Pro/11 Ultra “Emperor Edition” enters the network

Xiaomi In addition to large memory specifications,Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro/11 Ultra will also be equipped with the industry’s top performance Audio-Technica combination, with a full-blood version of LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 flash memory specifications,

Mobile will also be equipped with an industry’s top Snapdragon 888 chip.It can provide strong performance output for this series, which is worthy of the title of “Android King”.

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Company is worth mentioning that Xiaomi has just announced the latest camera configuration of Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro/11 Ultra.This series will launch the world’s largest Samsung GN2 sensor for the first time, with a 1/1.12 inch ultra-large base.It will bring an unprecedented night shot effect on the Xiaomi flagship.


Xiaomi officially revealed that the Samsung GN2 on Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro/11 Ultra is the result of 18 months of joint research and development by both parties.

Total investment amount reached 200 million, so Xiaomi also set a small goal:”Break through the mobile phone imaging ceiling”.

In addition, there are reports that Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro/11 Ultra is expected to be equipped with a dual main camera solution. The main camera and ultra-wide-angle lens will use flagship sensors.

It will also be equipped with the free-form lens previously equipped with OPPO and OnePlus, which can eliminate it to the utmost extent.

The distortion of the ultra-wide-angle picture presents a more natural and real picture.

On the whole, Xiaomi 11 Pro/11 Ultra will bring the industry’s top performance and camera performance, which is worth looking forward to.

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Exclusive Secret: The twists and turns and hesitation behind Xiaomi’s car making
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