Top Hundred Companies of The World in 2021,

Top Hundred Companies of The World in 2021,

Forbes released the 2021 Global 2000 Top 2000: ICBC ranked first and Apple sixth for nine consecutive years

Today, Forbes released 19 issues of Forbes Global 2000. The list selects the world’s 2,000 listed companies with the highest market value each year based on the four major metrics of sales, profits, assets, and market value.

The list shows,The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has topped the list for nine consecutive years. JPMorgan Chase advanced one place to second place. Berkshire Hathaway rose from fourth place in 2020 to third place.

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Last year’s ranking, China Construction Bank slipped two places to fourth place. Saudi Aramco remains in fifth place.

Many technology companies have made significant progress.

Apple rose three places from ninth place a year ago, and tied for sixth place with Bank of America and Ping An. The ninth place is the Agricultural Bank of China, which slipped from the fifth place.

Bank of China, which was ranked tenth last year, was squeezed out of the top ten by Amazon this year. In the past year, Amazon’s stock price has soared, and this year’s ranking has risen 12 places in one breath.

In terms of regions, the United States has the largest number of companies on the list, with as many as 590; China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) is the second, with a total of 395 companies on the list.

Forbes GLOBAL 2000 Ranking Company Countries and Regions  

  1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Mainland China 
  2. JP Morgan Chase United States 
  3. Berkshire Hathaway United States 
  4. China Construction Bank Mainland China
  5. Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia
  6. Apple United States
  7. Bank of America United States
  8. Ping An of China Mainland China
  9. Agricultural Bank of China Mainland China
  10. Amazon United States
  11. Samsung Electronics Korea
  12. Toyota Motor Japan
  13. Alphabet United States
  14. Bank of China Mainland China
  15. Microsoft United States
  16. Citigroup United States
  17. Volkswagen Group Germany
  18. Wal-Mart United States
  19. Wells Fargo Bank United States
  20. Verizon  Communications
  21. United Health Group United States United States
  22. China Merchants Bank Mainland China
  23. Alibaba Group
  24. Allianz Insurance Mainland China United States
  25. Comcast United States
  26. Goldman Sachs Group United States
  27. Softbank Japan
  28. Postal Savings Bank of China Mainland China
  29. Tencent Holdings Mainland China
  30. BNP Paribas France
  31. Morgan Stanley United States
  32. China Mobile China Hong Kong
  33. Facebook United States
  34. Johnson & Johnson United States
  35. Sony Japan
  36. Intel United States
  37. CVS Health United States
  38. Royal Bank of Canada
  39. Nestlé Switzerland
  40. HSBC Holdings United Kingdom
  41. Daimler Germany
  42. Dominin Bank  Group Canada
  43. Telecom Telephone Japan
  44. Deutsche Telecom Germany
  45. General Electric United States
  46. Procter & Gamble United States
  47. General Motors United States
  48. Sinopec Mainland China
  49. China Life Insurance Mainland China
  50. Industrial Bank Mainland China
  51. Sberbank Russia
  52. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Japan
  53. Cigna U.S.
  54. AXA Group France
  55. AIA China Hong Kong
  56. Reliance Industries India
  57. Bank of Communications Mainland China
  58. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals U.S.
  59. IBM U.S.
  60. Roche Switzerland
  61. BMW Group Germany
  62. Metropolitan Life Insurance U.S.
  63. China Petroleum Mainland China
  64. Road Veritas France
  65. Novartis Switzerland
  66. TSMC Taiwan, China
  67. Depot U.S.
  68. Pudong Development Bank China
  69. Siemens Germany
  70. Pepsi U.S.
  71. Oracle U.S.
  72. Sanofi France
  73. Enel Italy
  74. AbbVie United States
  75. Cisco Systems United States
  76. Zurich Insurance Group Switzerland
  77. Scotiabank Canada
  78. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  79. BHP Billiton Australia
  80. UBS Switzerland
  81. British American Tobacco United Kingdom
  82. Honda Motor Japan
  83. Italy United São Paulo Bank Italy
  84. Merck USA
  85. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Japan
  86. Rio Tinto United Kingdom
  87. Japan Post Holdings Japan
  88. United Bank of U.S. Bank
  89. Anson U.S
  90. Chartered Communications United States
  91. Unilever Netherlands
  92. Dell Technology United States
  93. Manulife Financial Canada
  94. Hon Hai Precision Taiwan
  95. American Express United States
  96. Vanke Enterprise Mainland China
  97. GlaxoSmithKline UK
  98. Truist Financial US
  99. Rosneft Russia
  100. Chinese Construction Mainland China

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Top Hundred Companies of The World in 2021,
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