TSMC is supported: Strive to enter the era of Amy craftsmanship by 2030

TSMC is supported: Strive to enter the era of Amy craftsmanship by 2030 https://www.duzline.com

The unit of length that is smaller than nanometers is angstroms, and 1 angstrom is 0.1nm.

Currently, silicon chips have been mass-produced at 5nm, and it seems that it is not far from advancing to 1nm.

According to the latest media reports, semiconductor manufacturers represented by TSMC have received support and are expected to mass-produce processes below 1nm by 2030.

In order to assist TSMC,

Wenmao, Winbond, ASE and others in the advance deployment of 12-inch wafer manufacturing niche equipment,

The world's first 6nm EUV, Unigroup Zhanrui 5G chip, Huben T7520, goes on sale 3 months ahead of schedule
Snapdragon 888 Pro first exposure: listed in Q3 2021
Hard to find a core!Samsung will help foundries buy equipment to solve the urgent need for mature processes
we are planning to promote the Kaohsiung Semiconductor Materials Zone and establish the Southern Semiconductor Material S Corridor,

aiming to master key chemicals and material optimization parameters , Establish a strategic supply chain.

There is a view that 2030 is defined as the era of ultra-Moore’s law,

IC products are moving towards diversification and extreme performance, and enter the Angstrom scale.

From the perspective of the head core equipment lithography machine, ASML’s current public roadmap is planned as far as the model EXE: 5200 , the numerical aperture is 0.55NA, and the silicon wafer and the exposure clean room are approaching the physical limit.

According to ASML, today’s 5nm/7nm lithography machine already requires 100,000+ parts and 40 containers, and the 1nm era lithography machine is about twice as large as 3nm.

The strongest SoC in the Android camp!Exposure that Snapdragon 888 Pro is testing: performance is upgraded again
Serving Apple, AMD, etc.: TSMC’s 5nm production will increase significantly in the second half of the year
TSMC’s 2nm process has entered the R&D stage: upgrading GAA transistors and improving EUV efficiency

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TSMC is supported: Strive to enter the era of Amy craftsmanship by 2030 https://www.duzline.com
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