Twitter going Solve big Prob. Of users,

Twitter going Solve big Prob. Of users,

According to a report and details

Allegedly working on “Cancel” timer for tweets.

This feature was discovered by Jane Manchin Wang, who discovered many features on Twitter and other platforms through reverse engineering.

This feature gives the user the opportunity to cancel a tweet if they find a last-minute typing or other error, even after pressing the submit button. This timer starts as soon as you click on the tweet and doesn’t seem to last long.

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It looks like it’s in development right now, so it’s not clear when Twitter intends to end it. Just days after launching Space, Twitter introduced a clubhouse-style audio chat room feature for Android users around the world.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong explored the code and found that Twitter was working on a new feature. This feature allows users to keep their tweets private within a specified time limit.
If a user posts a tweet that contains a syntax error or an incorrect link, you can use this feature to reverse the action of the tweet. This “Send Cancel” timer presses the user’s “Tweet” and lasts for a very short time. If the timer expires, the user can delete the tweet and resume.

According to Wong’s shared video, this feature only works for tweets, not for direct messages. The Twitter platform can expand when users are released.

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Wang is known for finding features in development, and Twitter is also working on an option that allows users to decide whether to view or filter graphic media sent via direct messages or DM.

Just a few days ago, as part of a large-scale testing process, Twitter Spaces was added to Android users worldwide. So far, Android users can’t host a place, but they can join the place and talk. Host will start soon.

In a keynote statement from its annual analyst, Twitter announced a number of upcoming features, including SuperFlow, which allow creators to monetize purchases across the platform.
It also introduces a new feature called Communities, which allows users to form groups around specific concerns such as cats, plants and social justice.

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The company is also working on a Safety Mode that automatically blocks and interacts with spam accounts and BirdWatch’s new feature, which will significantly help prevent the spread of misinformation on social media. Can

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Twitter going Solve big Prob. Of users,
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