Twitter New Features Automatic Block or Mute Option

Twitter New Features Automatic Block or Mute Option

According to a report, the social media platform Troll Handle is in the spotlight,

Twitter is unveiling a feature that will allow users to automatically block and silence disgusting accounts.

It is temporarily calling it ‘Safety Mode’.

The details surfaced during the company’s Virtual Analyst Day. During the presentation, a slide revealed that this feature will be a toggle in the new security mode.

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Once ‘on’, the feature will automatically block accounts that break Twitter’s rules, and silent accounts that may be using insults, name calling, harsh language or hateful remarks.

It will automatically detect ‘troll’ accounts and limit how those accounts can engage with users’ content for up to seven days.

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“We’re looking for active tools to help keep people safe from unwanted conversations,” Twitter said.

Will Twitter’s auto-detection feature be effective?

Even under the auto-block toggle, without the security feature, users will be able to review accounts and respond to Twitter’s system, pointing out potentially harmful ones. Users can then block these handles as they see fit. Basically, regular trolls will be viewed through Twitter’s system and tagged as abuse.

When Safety Mode is enabled, Twitter will automatically stop trolls.

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It remains to be seen whether Twitter’s auto-detection functionality is effective, given that trolls and abusers always have their own patents, especially for solid groups, to harass users.

But it’s good that Twitter is taking practical steps to crack down on abusers, as they are making a fuss on the platform.

No word yet on the rollout of the new feature

So far, many Twitter users have no idea how to report abuse or harassment on the platform. The system of ‘reporting’ to trolls and harassers seems very mechanical and users are questioning its usefulness.

In the event, Twitter itself steps in to stop the rot.

But it is not clear when this feature will be unveiled to consumers.

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Note that in order to give users better control over their tweet conversations on the platform, Twitter has made its responsive restriction feature available to all users. Twitter users can decide who gets a response to their tweets.

Twitter New Features Automatic Block or Mute Option
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