Unknown Realme phone leaks through 3D renders

Unknown Realme phone leaks through 3D renders https://www.duzline.com

According to a report Where Realm GT is getting the most attention, the company is also working on other phones. One of them was made in 3D by 3D Online, which has more details about what looks like a cheaper model. Unfortunately, the name is not yet known.

Varta Indestructible 5 Watt LED Lantern 3D (18760101111) Black

Tear marks on the front and fingerprint readers on the back indicate that it is not a flag bearer. Probably not even a middle ground. The smartphone has a 3.5mm jack and a microSD card slot, but so far that’s all the information.

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Realme unknown model

Realme GT 5G visits Geekbench, retail box surfaces with a familiar design
The previous setup takes three modules of the camera, but you will know that one of them has a sensor. Looks like it’s not part of the Realme 8 series because Square Camera has teased. It doesn’t look like the X9 either. And it’s definitely not GT.

Realme GT 5G Price and Specifications

Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. The last time I heard from the series was when the Realme C20 was announced in January.

Unknown Realme phone leaks through 3D renders https://www.duzline.com
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