Waterproof iPhone does not have a warranty if it enters water. This turns out to be an unspoken rule of mobile phone after-sales?

Waterproof iPhone does not have a warranty if it enters water. This turns out to be an unspoken rule of mobile phone after-sales? https://www.duzline.com

Two days ago, Apple was sued again.

This time it was not because of copyright or anti-monopoly issues, but because of the waterproof function of the iPhone, it got a class action lawsuit in the District Court of the Southern District of New York.

Eh? Isn’t it a good thing for mobile phones to be waterproof? Why can you still get a lawsuit?

The team that filed the lawsuit believes that Apple exaggerated the iPhone’s waterproof function on the official website and did not clearly mark the disclaimer on the official website.

Here, this is the propaganda picture of “Fighting against Mercury Retrograde”. ▼

Although Apple annotated a small line at the end of the promotional page: “Damage caused by immersion in liquid is not covered by the warranty” as an explanation, but this is obviously inconsistent.

It says “IP68 water-resistant and dust-proof”, but the phone is not covered by the warranty if it is immersed in water. Isn’t this a joke?

The so-called IP standard is formulated by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection in English, which means “Ingress Protection Level”.

The two numbers following the IP represent the dust-proof level and the water-resistant level respectively.

The 6 of IP68 means that the intrusion of foreign objects and dust is completely prevented, and the 8 means that it can be continuously immersed in 6 meters of water for 30 minutes.

At the same time, the lawsuit also pointed out that the “water resistance and dust prevention” function promoted by Apple was tested in the pure water environment of the laboratory. It and our daily life will touch the swimming pool water and sea water containing chlorine and sodium. There is a big difference.

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In other words, if you go swimming or go to the beach to play, if you do not take any protective measures for your mobile phone, there is a chance that problems will occur.

The complaint also complained that Apple had inserted a water immersion detection sticker into the Sim card slot of the mobile phone.

It is a bit similar to the Ph test paper, as long as it touches the liquid, it will turn red, and the official maintenance personnel can refuse the warranty after seeing it.

The litigation team believes that in the case of accidentally spilling a drink on a mobile phone, there is a chance that the sticker will be soaked and the warranty will be lost.

In this way, for consumers who “buy iPhones for the waterproof function”, they are all cheating.

But this matter is not just Apple doing this, the whole industry is doing it quietly.

In fact, regardless of whether there is a waterproof certification, as long as the digital product is immersed in water, the manufacturer will not guarantee the damage, which has almost become the consensus of the digital industry.

The savvy manufacturers have long thought about it thoroughly. In terms of after-sales costs, the risk of flooding warranty is the biggest, and they can’t afford it.

What do you think, if the water immersion warranty is opened, most people will use this rule, and one day it will be upset, pop, deliberately soak the phone in water and throw it away in exchange for the warranty.

If it can’t be repaired, the manufacturer has to replace it with a new machine. Who can stand the cost?

There are really many people who have this idea. . . ▼

This small piece of paper for waterproof testing in the iPhone is also available on other digital products.

Samsung, which advertised its waterproof function earlier, also has this test sticker. ▼

So flooding is not warranted, which is reasonable in a sense.

Taking a step back, the concept of “digital products don’t touch water” originally everyone had it, and no one was so stupid that they would deliberately soak expensive mobile phones and computers in water.

But with the development of technology and the emergence of IP protection levels, this default rule was broken.

Consumers will think that your manufacturers have advertised that the mobile phone can be waterproof and can take pictures underwater, so why is the mobile phone not covered by the water warranty? Is this reasonable?

Manufacturers are indeed at a loss. On the one hand, they want to promote how awesome the waterproof of mobile phones is. On the other hand, they don’t want to assume the responsibility of water ingress warranty, so the method they adopted is to include such a sentence in the disclaimer.

“I’m waterproof, but I can’t stand the fuss.” ▼

Or just don’t take this as a selling point at all, everyone knows it well.

For example, Sony and Samsung, which used to spend a lot of effort to promote IP68, have not put their main publicity points on this in the past two years, just mention it in the parameters.

The problem with Apple is that other manufacturers have long since put out publicity gimmicks. In the past two years, you have moved them out to be hot and cold. The promotional videos are still so cool. Who will not beat you in your early days?

And this US class action lawsuit is not groundless.

In November last year, the Italian Competition Authority fined Apple 10 million euros for “waterproof mobile phones are not covered by warranty”.

The outcome of this litigation is probably the issue of more compensation, unless Apple is also the entire “Southern Pizza Hut.” . .

If you have a bad friend, just ask. Since the water is not covered by the warranty, what is the use of waterproofing the phone?

Tony thinks, this is a two-step view.

First of all, compared to the selling points of DxO ranking and Antutu’s running points, the IP68 standard is really not considered water.

Earlier, Tony saw a company specializing in waterproof coating for mobile phones on MWC. Their technology allows mobile phones to work normally in the water with a bare back panel.

But nothing is absolute, no matter how powerful the technology is, no company can guarantee that the phone with their waterproof coating will never get water, and if something goes wrong, I will be responsible.

It’s like someone buys a body armor, but is killed after being on the battlefield. Will the seller who sell the body armor pay a sum of money?

It doesn’t make sense.

So, if you often bring your phone to a watery environment, Tony still suggests buying a waterproof bag from a certain treasure. It doesn’t cost a few dollars, and the quality is reliable.

Manufacturers, there is no need to use this standard as a selling point to hype, unless they really have the courage to guarantee water ingress.

Otherwise, as many mobile phones are sold, there will be as many potential fulcrums as they are.

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Waterproof iPhone does not have a warranty if it enters water. This turns out to be an unspoken rule of mobile phone after-sales? https://www.duzline.com
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