We learned Something important about iPhone 13 Couple of Days

We learned Something important about iPhone 13 Couple of Days https://www.duzline.com

According to a report It was a busy week for the iPhone 13 rumor factory. From better storage to screen fingerprint scanners, Apple’s next device finally looks like it’ll really bring something new to the smartphone table.

Apple’s flagship devices typically offer some features and camera upgrades compared to their predecessors, without advancing the boat in terms of new features or advanced technology. Not because the iPhone X has shaken up the design of the iPhone by Apple, we’re big fans of the iPhone 12 family, but we’re excited to learn about the hours and whistles that smartphones Can guide the market in the future. ..

Below is a summary of all the latest leaks and rumors surrounding the iPhone 13. Each revelation is worth adding a little salt, but find out exactly what you can expect when Apple officially launches this device in September 2021.

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1.1TB storage

Storage of iPhone 13 leaks, which is amazing

According to a recent report, Apple plans to release the iPhone 13 model with up to 1TB of storage, and Capertino may be the first to offer such a room to the IPP. (1TB version of iPad Pro is available from 2018).

Currently, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models offer users 512GB of storage. It’s the biggest iPhone ever, and both are surprisingly expensive. Then I am amazed at how much the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro will cost.

This is not the first time that YouTube channel Front Page Tech has made the same claim in January, so I think it’s safe to assume that the iPhone 13 will have impressive storage capacity. ..

2. Fingerprint scanner in the screen

Since the introduction of the iPhone X without the Home button in 2017, Apple’s iPhone has opted for Face ID technology over older fingerprint scanners.

Price and Specifications of iphone Xs 64 Gb (ESim)
But in 2021, Apple could get back to its roots. Apple developer Mark German has suggested that the iPhone 13 could be equipped with an in-screen fingerprint scanner to match any flagship Android phone on the market today.

iPhone 13 screen touch ID sensor is likely a new report

Basically, the fingerprint scanner on the screen looks exactly like this. A scanner that fits under the display and reads fingerprints (as you can imagine). It’s not yet clear if Apple will turn off facial recognition and make this feature the latest iPhone biometric entry point, but the company should choose to offer its users a choice.

3. Improved leader sensor

Another recent report suggests that the iPhone 13 family will completely improve the leader camera. Of the iPhone 12 models, only the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max variants come with a leader sensor.
Ladder (or “light detection and ranging”) technology works like radar, but uses lasers to determine distance and depth. This means that you can use this technology to fire the laser beam to scan the environment and make maps and measure the laser beam rate. Can do These sensors are common in self-driving cars, and Apple’s premium iPhone 12 models use them to enable a quick AR experience. Do

Why iPhone 12 has More demand Than iPhone 6s that Launch in 2014,
However, this technology is not without mobile problems. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro scanners are designed for room-scale applications such as the IKEA Place app for sports and movable AR furniture, but now offer more accurate 3D scan objects than other techniques such as image surveys. Can’t be Instead, combine high-resolution RGB images from different resolution perspectives.
Nice to see the iPhone 13 family install some better lidar sensors. You can probably combine it with RGB cameras and face recognition resolutions and textures.

4.5G speed improvement

Following the announcement of Qualcomm’s use of Snapdragon X60 modem in the iPhone 13 lineup, we are excited to see if 5G will be better on future devices. The gesture is a bit complicated, so be patient.

First release of MediaTek Dimensity 1200! Realme is here

Apple uses a 7nm Snapdragon X55 modem in the iPhone 12 family, and a chip set with a 5nm process has improved power efficiency and battery life for the iPhone 13. However, this improved modem can also be grouped. The ability to simultaneously use 5G data from both MMV and all 6GHz bands allows the device to achieve the best combination of high speed and low latency network coverage.

Basically, millimeter waves are a combination of 5G frequencies that promise extremely fast speeds over short distances, and all 6GHz 5G frequencies are competitive, but the signal goes even further. As the report shows, the iPhone 13’s 5nm based modem allows both types of frequencies at the same time. This means that 5G will be faster all over the world (currently support for the MM wave is limited to the US iPhone 12 models).

5. No ports

Rumors of the portless iPhone 13 have been widespread for some time, but recent reports have been applauding how Apple can make the iPhone work without an electrical connection.

Apple engineers are allegedly looking for ways to recover iPhone on the internet. This means using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth instead of a physical cable to reset your iPhone. Currently, restoring an iPhone via a device other than the iOS configuration requires a physical connection to a PC or Mac, but the iPhone 13 may not require the same physical tutoring.

The iPhone 13 screen reconfirms the use of LTPO: 120Hz is supported, and the design drawing exposes the body size

Instead, the report shows that the device sends a support signal over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enable the computer connection. Alternatively, when your smartphone comes online, it will automatically boot and pass the recovery process.

As with most rumors about the iPhone 13, details about how Apple implements this change are sparse and unconfirmed, but we hope Apple’s smartphones will finally lose its roof.

We learned Something important about iPhone 13 Couple of Days https://www.duzline.com
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