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According to a report and Rumours  has it that Apple announced four new iPhones in 2021, all improved versions of existing models. Although the design is expected to be nearly consistent, the new iPhone 13 series is said to bring better cameras, faster processors, and some models may introduce 120Hz ProMotion display technology. There is sex.

iPhone 13 screen touch ID sensor is likely a new report

Of the four versions of the iPhone, the Nun Pro and the non-mini iPhone 13 are expected to be best-selling models. Unlike Pro models over $ 1000 and battery-powered minis, the regular iPhone 13 has the perfect balance of price and functionality.
Here are the main features that define iPhone 13 and a comparison with iPhone 12.
Similar flat edge design and size
Probably the same screen size with the new 120Hz promotion and the ever-present features
Inside Sharp Apple A15 Bionic Chip
Similar dual rear cameras without telephoto lens (wide and ultra wide)
Similar battery size is about 2,800mAh
High speed Wi-Fi 6E connection
Price and release date

Due to Apple’s specific schedule delay, the iPhone 12 was delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic released in late October. However, the company will return to its regular release calendar in 2021 and will release the iPhone 13 at the end of September.

Pointing to a date, that date suggests that Apple is expected to arrive on Friday, September 24th, and then on Friday, September 14th.

So far, there are no rumors suggesting that Apple will change the price limit set on the iPhone 12. This means that the unlocked version of the iPhone 13 purchased with a carrier plan has a base price of $ 800 and $ 30830. Of iPhone 13.

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Don’t raise expectations for the iPhone 13 phone camera, but expect to see a better ultra-wide camera

Over the years, Apple has adopted a clear strategy to differentiate non-Pro iPhone series cameras. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have two cameras, a wide camera and an ultra wide camera, but the phone’s photo zoom is not associated. With lens. Which one do you get on your iPhone?
The iPhone 13 is also expected to drop the phone’s photographic lens and perform as well as the iPhone 12, but rumors say Apple plans minor improvements in three key areas.

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More modern 6-element construction for main camera lens

The ultra-wide camera has a fast aperture, so you can take better shots even in dark places.
Overall software improvement in image quality
Yes, the iPhone 13 improves image transmission slightly, but so far there are rumors that the iPhone 12’s zoom quality issue will not be resolved. The iPhone 12 is currently digital up to 5x. You can zoom in 3x with the photo. Quality video that far surpasses Android competitors.

Performance and new chips for Apple A15

Apple manufactures a series of unique chips for the iPhone and has been a market leader in performance over the past few years. This is expected to continue with the new Apple A15 bionic processor.

We learned Something important about iPhone 13 Couple of Days

The iPhone 13 is expected to have 4GB of RAM, just like the iPhone 12. This is slightly less than Apple’s iPhone Pro series 6GB RAM, with the only difference in RAM being the Pro iPhone 13 and Pro model 2021s.

One area where the iPhone 13 goes beyond the iPhone 12 is not only mobile band expansion, but also connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E support. This new Wi-Fi standard offers high performance, low latency, high data rates and supports up to 6GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth in addition to the existing 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth in dense urban areas. You can see that it is crowded.
Take a look at this nifty comparison between the 2021 Apple A14 and its closest rival, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

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Geck Bench 5 Single Core Geck Bench 5 Multi Core
Apple A14 1593 4158
Snapdragon 8881113 3436

Also, in the game, you can see that the Apple A14 is better than the Snapdragon 888.

So far, there have been no leaks about the performance features of the Apple A15, but with frequent new rumors, this article is updated as we receive new information about the A15 level.


6.1 “OLED screen, is there a 120Hz promotion?

The iPhone 13 is rumored to maintain the size and design style of the iPhone 12. That is, it comes with a flat 6.1-inch screen. This size is an excellent midfielder. Much larger and more convenient than the smaller 5.8. -The inch screen that Apple had on the iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro, but not that big.
The big question is whether the iPhone 13 will support 120Hz promotional technology for easy scrolling. This technology is already popular with Android smartphones that sell for prices over 600-600, but these smartphones typically increase the size of the battery, increase the refresh rate, and speed up the battery. So far, there have been rumors that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will adopt 120Hz Pro Motion, but it’s unclear if the more affordable Nun Pro iPhone 13 will be available.

Voice assistants that were once all the rage on mobile phones are getting smaller and smaller

Battery and charging

Don’t assume that the iPhone 13’s battery remains the same size and the box contains a charger.

To get the slim shape factor for the iPhone 12, Apple had to put it on a battery diet, reducing the size of the iPhone battery to 10. So far, there are rumors that the new iPhone 13 will not introduce major changes. iPhone battery size 12. With this in mind, here’s an overview of recent iPhone battery sizes.

Estimated size of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro batteries: 2,815mAh
Battery size for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro: 2,815mAh
iPhone 11 battery size: 3,110mAh
In terms of chargers, Apple expects the iPhone 12 to “innovate” and work with the iPhone 13 without the addition of chargers or headphones. Plan to spend an additional $ 20 on the iPhone 13 fast charger for any operation.

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When it comes to special charging, Apple is delaying the adoption of ultra-fast charging, which is found on many phones outside of China. So far, rumors haven’t suggested any changes in this regard, so the iPhone 13 and 15W wireless charging speeds are compatible.

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