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What is On-page optimization in SEO and how to get across it easily

What is On-page optimization in SEO and how to get across it easily https://www.duzline.com

When we think of improving search content, a lot of marketers will do it
Immediately. Get overwhelmed because they are used to listening to SEO
Consultants talk
about phrases like formulas, Google algorithms, and the like
Keyword density has changed a lot in SEO in recent years and you can
Honestly put them all aside because Google doesn’t work anymore
way to

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Yes, my friends, the density of keywords is dead and so are many old ones
School SEO Tactics and Myths.

There is no perfect formula for optimizing page content. To do
To win in today’s search world, you need to focus on writing
Content for real people, solving people’s problems, and helping people
Search engines find the correct content of a given sentence.

At the centre of strong content, there is a huge focus on the optimization of
a human being. And honestly, I’m really happy about it because it happens
The whole process of SEO a lot much easier.

Current page optimization

The last few years have been important for SEO. We saw it on a large scale
The type of content that Google wants and changes the type of content
Rewards with front-page
rankings. I want to highlight some of them
Items right away. , So that I can force you to think in the right direction.

Here are some areas where we know about SEO shifts.

  • A strong desire and focus on solving readers’ problems
  • Searching for long keyword phrases and bringing up the majority
  • Searching for website and blog traffic
  • More need for longer content that completely covers a given topic
  • Strong focus on reading
  • Focus on accessibility so that everyone understands its nature
  • Links and images and content flow
  • All headers and tablets are needed for easy access to mobile devices
  • Short paragraphs are required for easy reading on mobile devices
  • Need featured images for social sharing and sharing
  • A desire for multimedia content (videos, podcasts, photos, etc.)
  • One step away from keyword density like binary data points
  • A step towards keyword variations and titles
  • Strong reliance on verbal language

Don’t let the term “words” bother you. It literally means you are
Use descriptive words to help Google better understand nature
Your content as a whole.

As I said above, long content is important and the reason is that:

Long content can go deep into a topic, and in doing so, it can be
Answer the searcher’s question better
For a long time content has been driven by more and more social sharing
More visitors and more visibility with search engines
Longer content will better satisfy human readers, which, in turn
Turns out, more backlinks will run

New standard of material length:

My suggestion for national search (think about how to search
There are at least 1000 words to treat sunburn and that’s about it
2,000 words. But you know, it’s just that there’s a lot going on
Text to better present a problem and outline a solution.
Local search (think of local Italian restaurant search)
More content is not required, as it is less informative.
They are simpler and more straightforward, so there is no need for such materials
Dark or tall You can rate anything locally with less than 500
the words

In today’s SEO, there is no magic number for the ideal amount of
The keywords on one page are to create better content than the other
Website ranks on one of the SERPs (search engine results page) if
You can do this, you can win with 500 words, a thousand words or 5000
the words

Always consider semantic wording

As you improve your content for search engines, you really do justice
Trying to help them find the right content for the right search term. there
There is no voodoo associated with the correction. Instead, it is appropriate
Make sure you are clear in your content.

Let’s assume for this exercise that I have identified my focus keywords
WordPress Hosting” and I would like to rate this phrase.

The first thing I want to do is think of an alternative sentence
Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. In other words,
What will naturally be discussed or flown with WordPress?
These would be:

  • If I talk about WordPress hosting, I will naturally assume
  • Content will contain the same elements. The elements above
  • My basic phrase will lead to many variations of WordPress hosting.
  • These may include:
  • WordPress Website
  • WordPress Blog
  • Migrate WordPress Website
  • WordPress Hosting Plans
  • WordPress Performance
  • Website speed
  • Website backup
  • Blog migration

People fall for SEO when they write for it because their brains know
Their subject matter is good and it goes beyond the important details.

For example, I would just say “it’s worth / 12 / month” and for that
Author, that would mean. But for search engines and readers,
They will be amazed at what “it” is and what it contains
Considered “price”.

Better use of this phrase will be part of it
“The cost of WordPress hosting” and the content developed within it
In this section, we talk about all the things that will be covered
This hosting plan.

It is neither helpful to the reader nor encourages them to convert
Customer, but it is also helpful for search engines.

Create an outline to guide your writing

This leads me to the next important element of on-page SEO, which is
Outline your content when you should always have a content outline
Writing for the web

In our case, we will only talk about the things we want to cover.
And those “things” will connect the human readers we want

To create a strong web page for us that talks about WordPress hosting,
We want to cover the things that really matter to human readers.
These elements will be:

Introduction – This will provide an excellent overview of WordPress hosting
And our offer to humans and search engines.
Who – This will reveal who our hosting serves. it can be
Websites and blogs or online stores.
What – this will explain what is included in our offer. We will
SSL certificate, daily backup of software,
Automatic updates to WordPress and plugins, security features
Firewall protection, etc.
How – It will provide information about how the above items are
Executed and delivered or it will provide details related to migration,
Ongoing support, etc.
Why – This will highlight the skills, the technology we offer
The team we employ, or the availability of 24/7 support staff.
Close – This will be a concluding paragraph that will repeat itself
Discussion of items and summary for readers.

But there is only one way. Instead, you can focus
Key elements of hosting like parts like:

  • Introduction
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Help
  • Close

The key is that you have a plan and that plan answers you
Provides questions from human readers, as well as structure and rationality
Language to help you understand the nature of search engines
Content and who can submit this content.

And if we look at the word count, we will naturally run out
3,000+ words, because there is no way to discuss the above items
Less than anything

To see 10 on-page SEO elements

When I’m going to use a page in my text below, this point can be used
To improve a page, post, or product. Here are the things to consider
When you insert your content into your website.

Page name or title

This is the name when you create your page.
Choose a topic that is relevant to the topic being discussed.
Make sure the title is unique and does not duplicate any page title.
Keep the title short enough to make it easier to read and digest
Include keyword phrases, but do not repeat.


URL is the address of a website that contains any piece of content. URL
Shown as part of the search results in Google and it appears below
Document title and fragment.
It should always include your keywords.
It should be as short as possible.

H1 header

H1 is the most important item and should never be left out
Page, post, or product
Make sure your website or WordPress theme uses the H1 header.
Make sure your website or WordPress theme uses only one H1 header in the URL.
Add your keywords to your H1 tag.

H2-H6 subheaders

Search engines will use them to better understand the structure of the page.
We created these things while we were designing our content
Price, performance, security, etc.
Keep the header in the title case and do not use long sentences.
Use unique header content.

Paragraph text

It only means content.
Add phrases and variations of your keywords multiple times
Don’t stress about content, but an exact number.
Use the keyword in the first sentence of the page, and if not,
Probably, in the first paragraph.
Use variations of your keywords. In our example, this would be
WordPress Hosting, WordPress Website Hosting, Managed WordPress
Hosting, Hosting for WordPress, etc.
Memorize words and include phrases related to words.

A note of words:

Remember that words are used in conjunction with descriptive words only
Your writing. For example, the word I want to use is the mouse. If I have written one
How would Google know about a mouse article if I meant a computer?
A mouse or a mouse that lives in my alpaca barn? It will see
The words of the whole article are a computer mouse to find out
Desk, computer, mac, logistics,
Monitors, clicks, etc. Barn in the mouse,
Grass, straw, rat, removal, pest management, trap, bait, cats etc.


Images are great for SEO, usability and sharing on social media.
While in all the contents of the icon l. There will be no option, still use an image
Whenever possible.
The name of the image file should specify the image.
Image ALT should define the image in the text and be carefully considered
Words while doing so


Hyperlinks are links or routes to other places on the web. Can do it
Stay inside your website or on an external website or blog.
Hyperlinks support the SEO of the page on which it is running, so use them if possible.
External hyperlinks are good for the user and do not bother SEO, so do not
Be afraid of them
Always include strong anchor text that clearly defines the destination
If possible, there is a choice of link and strong words.
While there is no set rule for how many links to add to a single page,
Also, do not add anything you need to read.
Don’t put hyperlinks in the intro paragraph as it takes readers
And before search engines can digest your content.
Avoid clicking here, page, and article as anchor text.


Bullet lists help readers scan a page and create content
Easy to read, that’s why I’m using them here.
Google accepts tablets because they know readers like them, and they
Make content easy to digest on mobile devices.
Tablets also often appear in prominent pieces on Google.

Meta titles

The meta title of a page gives an idea to Google and other search engines
What about the page and what they should expect it to look like
Digest the content.
It appears on the search engine results page.
The meta title of a page should be a title, not a sentence.
Make sure it is unique and does not duplicate other meta titles.
Make it informative, yet easy to read.
Include relevant keyword phrases.
This is your first chance to reach potential visitors, so prepare for it
Charming, but not pleasant.
Keep it to less than 55 characters

The meta description of a page brings Google and other search engines together
Summary of the page and what to expect
Because they digest the material.
It appears on the search engine results page.
A page meta description maybe a sentence or two or a very short paragraph.
Make sure it is unique and does not duplicate other meta details
Make it informative, yet easy to read.
Include relevant keyword phrases.
This is your first chance to reach potential visitors, as well as again
We want to make it interesting, but not pleasant.
Keep it to less than 160 characters.

Anyone can specialize in search content optimization

That’s it! There was no magic dust, no voodoo, no more
To write SEO friendly content, you need to have complex formulas.

We only write informative material, which uses descriptive words, and
Then we looked at the specific elements we know that search engines use
Search and use search content.

And if you were paying full attention, you would know that we were not focused
Completely on keywords. Instead, we use readability, words,
H1 header, with some references to keywords sprinkled in the URL
Intro text, and meta.

And at the end of the day, if you forget the keywords, and just about
Wrote exceptional material that was educational, easy to read, and
Better than any other online, you will still win the search. Maybe you
You can’t win as many phrases and more traffic as you can, but you want to
Still win because you were serving man.

At the end of the day, SEO is about building the lives of humans and people
fearsome. Never tell anyone differently.

I teach as much SEO as I can and provide coaching in digital marketing
Kitchen, I repeat myself so often.

Don’t make keyword ranking and traffic your ultimate goal. Make
Your goal is to improve people’s lives and you will win digitally

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