What is the difference between Huawei Hongmeng OS and Android and iOS?Developer interpretation

What is the difference between Huawei Hongmeng OS and Android and iOS?Developer interpretation https://www.duzline.com

In April , Huawei’s Hongmeng OS system may be officially commercialized,

which means that Huawei will officially compete with Android and iOS on the same stage, which is of great significance.

Regarding Hongmeng OS ,

there has been a lot of controversy over the past two years,

especially on the relationship with Android. Netizens have different opinions.
So what do developers think? Tencent Technology recently interviewed several industry insiders to analyze the differences between Hongmeng,

Android and iOS from the perspective of developers .

Mr. Zeng, a singing and entertainment APP developer, said that he believes that Hongmeng’s entire positioning is actually an IoT operating system, which solves the interconnection of various devices from the system level.

Mr. Zeng said that,

Hongmeng cannot be compared to Android and iOS .

The bottom layer of iOS is based on Unix and is open source; the bottom layer of Android is based on the Linux system to transform and upgrade, and Hongmeng is also based on the Linux system, but they use different kernels and implementation methods.

Although the bottom layer of them is Linux , but when it comes to the application layer, they have re-implemented them.

He believes that the bottom layer of Hongmeng is still very different from Android. Huawei has done a lot of independent research and development, but the current version has not updated the interactive interface. Consumers cannot see the underlying code of the system, so they think it is It’s exactly the same as before.

Mr. Li, the person in charge of a startup company, said that compared with iOS and Android, Hongmeng has some differences.

The Android system is based on the previous rich device architecture. Both iOS and Hongmeng are working on the next-generation Internet of Everything operating system architecture at the same time. However, iOS is closed source and Hongmeng is open source. This is the biggest difference between their three systems.

Hongmeng’s advantage lies in the security of the connection. It is chip-level,with hardware-level encryption, and software-level communication encryption. It is a secure connection using the latest industry standards.

Mr. Li believes that the dividends that Hongmeng can bring to us should start from now, and will continue to produce great dividends within five years.

And to do projects based on Hongmeng, there is no need to learn from scratch.
Because of Hongmeng’s entire architectural concept and the entire ecological construction plan,

it will be fully compatible with Android.

Between it and Android are two sets of branches on the same Linux open source rack.
It is fully compatible with Android applications.
From Android to Hongmeng, you can translate some Android design concepts and applications,

or you can use Hongmeng The new features of the Internet of Things are completed.

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What is the difference between Huawei Hongmeng OS and Android and iOS?Developer interpretation https://www.duzline.com
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