What is the use of Mi MIX FOLD liquid lens?The official science is coming

What is the use of Mi MIX FOLD liquid lens?The official science is coming https://www.duzline.com

On March 30, Xiaomi launched its first folding screen flagship-MIX FOLD at the spring new product launch.

After two years, the Mi MIX series has returned.With Xiaomi’s self-developed professional image sensor Surging C1 and the world’s first liquid lens,

Xiaomi MIX FOLD has attracted the continuous attention of many people in the industry and Mi Fans.

So, many consumers are curious, what is the use of this liquid lens? How much improvement has been made to the imaging capabilities of mobile phones?

Today, Xiaomi officially conducted related popular science on this liquid lens.

It is understood that the traditional solid lens has a problem that is difficult to solve so far. When the lens module is moved in a group to achieve macro imaging,

the amount of stroke movement increases, especially when the telephoto lens requires a large amount of movement in ultra-close-range imaging. .

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In order to ensure the thickness of the whole machine,The current requirements for the size of the solid-state module and the limitation of the motor stroke design are difficult to achieve.

At the same time, in addition to the telephoto macro, macro shooting is generally achieved by digital cropping and post-enlargement,

resulting in the disadvantages of low resolution and poor picture quality.

And the design of Xiaomi liquid lens,This greatly improves the magnification and image quality under the premise of ensuring the size of the module.

So how does the Xiaomi liquid lens achieve focus?

According to reports, the lens is based on the principle of bionics,In the traditional solid lens, a liquid component lens with fluidity like a human eye lens is added. By squeezing the liquid lens, its optical power can be continuously changed, so as to achieve continuous focusing from long-range to close-range.

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Not only that, the liquid lens also reduces the FOV change from the distant scene to the close scene. There is almost no breathing effect during the zooming process from the distant scene to the general close scene, which is more suitable for video shooting.

According to Xiaomi’s official statement, this is the first time that liquid lens technology has been applied to mobile phone cameras. It is a new breakthrough that Xiaomi MIX FOLD has achieved in macro shooting. It also opens up unlimited possibilities for Xiaomi to explore the world. We look forward to more models in the future. The technology.

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What is the use of Mi MIX FOLD liquid lens?The official science is coming https://www.duzline.com
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