WhatsApp Reminding Last Date to Accept Updated Privacy Policy,

WhatsApp Reminding Last Date to Accept Updated Privacy Policy, https://www.duzline.com

WhatsApp has begun informing users of the updated privacy policy and how it will take effect on May 15.
Facebook-owned Instant Messaging Service updated its privacy policy in early February, requiring users to agree to new terms by February 8. Due to public outrage over the new policy, the implementation date has been postponed to May 15. WhatsApp users are currently sharing on Twitter that the service is informing them of accepting the new policy.

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Numerous users visited Twitter to share screenshots of information from the WhatsApp and reiterated the privacy policy announced in early February. WhatsApp notifies users that they must agree to the new policy by May 15 if they wish to continue using the messaging app.

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Another user tweeted a screenshot showing notifications on the chat tab in the WhatsApp. “We’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Tap to see.”

Below is a brief description of this new policy that does not change the privacy of WhatsApp users’ private conversations. It also reiterates that the Privacy Policy came into force on May 15, 2021, and users must accept it to continue using WhatsApp after that date. You can also clear notifications without agreeing to the policy.

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WhatsApp came under fire from users when it announced that it would change the way it shares user data through the platform as part of its latest privacy policy. The latest policy primarily targets companies that use the platform, according to Facebook-owned messaging services, but if the policy is accepted, the app will share user details such as phone numbers and transaction data. I can do it. This enables WhatsApp to share data with Facebook and other subsidiaries.

Why is it important to accept the new WhatsApp policy?

If the user does not agree to the new policy by May 15, the user will not be able to use the WhatsApp features until they agree. Users can receive calls and notifications in a very short time, but can’t read or send messages from the Photos app.

WhatsApp Reminding Last Date to Accept Updated Privacy Policy, https://www.duzline.com
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