Why are some car fuel ports on the left and some on the right?Judge in one second

Why are some car fuel ports on the left and some on the right?Judge in one second https://www.duzline.com

When you go to the gas station often, you will find that some cars have the gas port on the left and some on the right.

Fortunately for my own car, if you drive someone else’s car to refuel, you will be embarrassed if you enter the gas station and don’t know where the gas port is. How to quickly determine the direction of the car’s fuel port?


it’s actually really easy,Go to the dashboard and find the “fuel dispenser” logo, you can judge the direction in one second. The direction of the small triangle next to it is the direction of the fuel tank port.

Why not unify the position of the fuel tank port? For example, they are placed on the left or right, so that they can be operated in a unified manner after entering the gas station, without having to worry about which side the car is going to park on.

In this regard, Sinopec issued an article to carry out popular science.It turned out that the design concept of the car’s fuel tank port was to be set diagonally with the driving position.

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How to Avoid Injury,

One is to maintain the balanced weight distribution of the car,

which will make the car drive more stable,and the other is to keep the fuel tank port away from the driver and avoid more serious injuries in the event of a traffic accident.

Not all countries in the world “keep on the right when driving on the road.”

Countries such as China, the United States, Germany, South Korea, France, Russia, and Canada follow the “left-hand drive on the right” driving rules.
In these countries, the fuel tank port of the vehicle is on the right side of the car.

Britain, Japan, India, Australia and other countries follow the rule of “drive on the left with the right driver’s seat”.

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According to the design concept of “the fuel tank port and the driver’s seat are diagonal”,

the driver’s seat of these countries’ cars is at the front right and the fuel tank It is at the rear left.

With the mutual introduction of cars between countries with different driving rules,

the cost of modifying the car chassis structure is relatively high and the time is long,

so the diagonal rule between the position of the fuel tank and the position of the driver is disrupted.

For example, a Japanese car was originally a right-hand drive car,

but when it arrived in China, it was changed to a left-hand drive car,

but the fuel port is still on the left side..

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Why are some car fuel ports on the left and some on the right?Judge in one second https://www.duzline.com
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