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Apple smartphones, iPhone 12, is the standard barrier, for 2021, and are the phones that mark the most boxes for most people. But this is not for everyone.

As mentioned in our review, the iPhone 12, is more expensive than its predecessor, the iPhone 11, The iPhone 11 itself wasn’t cheap, Some lament Apple’s continued move towards larger displays,

For those on a tight budget or those who prefer a compact iPhone design, in the background, the iPhone SE (2020) was available,Launched in the same year as the iPhone 12, it was very young and is still in use today.

This is how this strange pair of smartphones compete.

Price and availability for iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (iPhone 12

Here is price of all country The iPhone 12 hit the shelves on October 23, 2020.

  1. IPhone 12 64, 128, 256 GB All Colors Price and Specifications,
  2. iPhone 12 Pro 128, 256, 512 GB All Colors Price Specifications,
  3. iPhone 12 Pro Max 128, 256, 512 GB All Colors Price Specifications,

The 64GB iPhone SE 2020 was launched on April 24, 2020 at 9399 / £ 419 / AU / 749. The price is AU $ 829 for 448,449 / £ 469 / 128GB and $ 549 / £ 569 / AU $ 999 for 256GB.

It’s still available as new from Apple, and the only change is that it’s a bit too much for UK users at a slightly higher price of 399 / £ 449 / £ 549.


If you’re new to Apple’s work, you never think these two phones were released by the same company in the same year. Because their designs are from a completely different era.

The iPhone SE (2020) 2017, like the iPhone 8, is external and has been known so far. Considering that the basic map of the shape, size and layout of this phone was placed on the 2014 iPhone 6, it looks pretty old.

I don’t feel that SE has the best. With glass and round aluminum chassis on the front and back, Apple’s Peerless premium finish makes it more comfortable than any other $ 399/399 pound smartphone on the market.

OnePlus 9 Pro is the first real machine announced: the industry's first diffuse gradient texture!

The biggest attraction of this design is its compact dimensions. The 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm and 148g iPhone SEs are one-handed and easily fit in a small pocket when not in use.

iPhone 12

iPhone SE

The iPhone 12 is a completely different fish kettle. At 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4mm and 164G, it’s all bigger than the iPhone SE. It’s also relatively tall, and its flat-edged industrial design, however, comes from very different schools. It’s more like the iPhone 5 than the iPhone 6, but with a twist.

The full-screen design of the iPhone 12, on the front is better than the thick bezel of the iPhone SE, with a screen-to-body ratio of 86%, compared to 65.4% for the SE. I need to drop the home button with the Iconic Touch ID embedded, and in return I’m eating the Face ID symbol at the top of the screen.

Both biometric systems provide a fast, secure and reliable way to unlock your smartphone and confirm your payment. But in the world of masks, Touch ID, which Face ID struggles with, can be neatly adapted.

Why iPhone 12 has More demand Than iPhone 6s that Launch in 2014,

The iPhone 12 is the toughest phone of the two, with a nanocrystal ceramic shield that’s four times tighter to protect your screen. It also benefits from the IP68 rating when compared to the iPhone SE’s IP67 rating. In other words, it can be submerged in much deeper water without any problems.

In short, the iPhone 12’s design is a lot fresher than the tired old iPhone SE, but it’s more comfortable to move with the phone later. Older ones are not always the best, but they are often more comfortable.

iPhone SE (2020) (Image credit: Future)
The reason why the iPhone 12 is larger and proportionally simpler than the iPhone SE (2020) is simple. Because the display is big and proportionally long.

The 6.1-inch and 19.5: 9 iPhone 12 display wide screen is suitable for landscape content (such as videos and games), including the 4.7-inch 16: 9 iPhone SE. You can sue the iPhone 12 for its interference, but with that you have more room to play.

Not all can be accommodated in one size. The screen of the iPhone 12 is superior to the iPhone S in all respects, with a resolution of 1170 x 2532 (vs. 750 x 1334) and a crisp 460 ppi pixel density (vs. 326 ppi).

Beyond that, the iPhone 12 sees Apple transforming into the OLED display panel technology previously reserved for the expensive iPhone X and Pro models. This gives you much better color and deeper contrast than the iPhone SE’s IPS LCD technology. The latter supports the white side, the iPhone 12’s LED display is black, but the LCD panel is always a dark gray shade.

Like their respective designs, the iPhone SE display belongs only to the different eras of the iPhone 12. Of course, there is really no competition unless the ability to use the screen with your thumb is prioritized. But still, the iPhone 12 mini, which basically shrinks more than the iPhone 12, should be considered a sub-iPhone of that size.

If you love the iPhone 12 display, don’t leave it. Like the iPhone SE (2020), it’s still 60 Hz, but at this price, virtually all non-Apple phones have refresh rates of 90 Hz and 120 Hz.


iPhone 12 (Image credit: Apple)
When it comes to smartphone photography, you usually get what you pay for. Again, it’s not surprising to know that the iPhone 12’s camera stands out more than the iPhone S’s camera.

This does not mean that the photo in question was taken on the iPhone SE (2020). Less than the Google Pixel 4A, it’s the best photo experience you can get for less than $ 400.

You can debit the iPhone 8 on the iPhone SE to include camera hardware. You get the exact same 12 megapixel sensor and f / 1.8 lens setup.

That’s right-this is a great way to get familiar with (get, get, and hold) the world around you, especially when it comes to photography. And in this regard, the iPhone SE (2020) benefits from the relatively latest A13 Bionic SC.

Let’s talk about the performance of the A13, but when it comes to the camera, this chip allows the iPhone SE to take far better pictures than its modest hardware. In bright places, the image is as clear and balanced as usual, and the colors are wonderfully accurate. I rarely take pictures with the iPhone SE.

Still, owning it is still out of the reach of the iPhone 12. It features a dual camera setup with a 12 megapixel wide sensor mounted on a sharp f / 1.6 lens. Supporting UltraWide 12 megapixel f / 2.4 makes it easy to take 120 degree UltraWide shots that even the iPhone SE can’t imitate.

This dual sensor also fuels Apple’s popular portrait mode, allowing articles to actually pop up in the background. However, the iPhone SE is a homage to Apple’s Computational Photo Store with this feature enabled without any other sensors.

The iPhone SE benefits from the A13 Bionic chip, but the iPhone 12 also features the latest and greatest A14 Bionic. Its new image signal processor (ISP) enables smart HDR3-like features to allow you to select scenes with a richer color range and higher dynamic range.

But when the lights go out, the iPhone 12 hammers a really cheap brother. Apple’s Night Mode is one of the best in business, and here on the iPhone 12, it offers bright, natural-looking shots that adapt to difficult light conditions. The iPhone SE may not be nearby, the phone payer is called a less valuable companion because of the complete lack of night mode.

Apple phones have been the best in video capture for years, and both phones are influential operators in this regard. Both can shoot 4K / 60fps video, but the Dolby Vision HDR can only shoot on the iPhone 12, so the footage will be even brighter.

Specifications and performance

iPhone SE

IPhone SE 2020 (Image credit: Tekradar)
As I mentioned earlier, the iPhone 12 runs on the newer and most advanced A14 bionic processor. The iPhone SE (2020) isn’t lacking in A13 bionics, but in every respect it’s second only to the latest chips.

Judging by Apple’s claims and various criteria, the new chip has a 20% increase in CPU and GPU. Unlike the 3GB of the iPhone SE (2020), the iPhone 12 also has 4GB of RAM.

What does daily performance mean when using these two phones? To be honest, there aren’t many. Apple phones are always well-developed and feel sharp for years after their release.

This means that the iPhone SE is still uncomfortable today and doesn’t significantly reduce performance. High-end games run perfectly on both. Probably just the effect of the strange lights and missing frames of the latest and most important titles.

iPhone 13 appearance exposure: diagonal dual camera, 7 colorful color matching
Experience comparable to iOS!Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition Xi mention MIUI 12.5 stable version

What the latest version of iPhone 12 really benefits you is spending more time on the surface, in addition to the additional camera tricks mentioned above. The iPhone 12 feels faster than the iPhone SE.

The A14 also features a new 16-core neural engine. This will significantly improve AI performance by 80% compared to its predecessor.

Another point that offers the iPhone 12 A14 is the 5G connection,. Apple has made many of the most advanced phones accessible to 5G mobile networks. If you live in an area that has undergone an infrastructure upgrade, you will have far more downloads than your average broadband connection. Load and upload speeds are possible.

One explanation that is disappointing with both of these phones is also the internal storage. Neither base model offers 64GB very much, but you can increase it up to 128GB and 256GB if you are willing to pay the price. This slide can be provided on the iPhone SE, but the new and expensive iPhone 12 should actually start at 128GB.

Battery life

If the priority is good in the first place, neither phone will be selected. But when it comes to battery life, the iPhone 12 clearly has one big advantage. The new phone is packed in a 2815mAh battery, which is much larger than the iPhone SE’s 1821mAh.

As a result of the simple benefits of this feature and the more efficient A14 processor, the iPhone 12 will be comfortable in a day without the need to plug in a wall outlet, with moderate to frequent use. Under similar circumstances, the iPhone SE will stop gasping.

For mild to moderate use, the iPhone SE is the most comfortable place. But still, you don’t notice that you’re sleeping in a half tank of juice. This is quite possible with the relatively lightweight and lightweight iPhone 12.

Of course, the iPhone 12 isn’t perfect in this regard. It has its own Achilles tendon network connection, and 4G and 5G collisions are intended to reduce this percentage slightly.

Both phones can be charged wirelessly. For the iPhone 12, Apple’s new Magsif standard. In reality, it works with simple (if cold) magnetized wireless charging, much like the Apple Watch has regained power.

The iPhone 12 also supports a slightly faster 20W charge, but the iPhone SE is limited to 18W. However, in both cases, you will need to purchase these fast methods separately.

The iPhone S is the most affordable entry point in Apple’s flagship smartphone line and continues to offer a premium sash experience for less money. It’s fast and well-built, with sports features that are still exceptional for phones under $ 400, such as a permanent camera and wireless charging.

The iPhone 12, on the other hand, doubles in price and excels in every way. Its design is fresh, the display is sharper and more vibrant, allowing you to take better pictures, especially in dark places.

However, I don’t think it’s as easy as charging twice as much. Despite its partial approach, the iPhone SE is extremely valuable and offers a full-fledged Apple experience without compromise.

It’s also a great choice for those who prefer smaller phones-it’s a decisive factor for you, but the iPhone 12 Mini is a better comparison.

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