Why is the iPhone camera with such low pixels, but the effect is better than that of the Android camera? details 6s to 12 Series

Why is the iPhone camera with such low pixels, but the effect is better than that of the Android camera? details 6s to 12 Series https://www.duzline.com

The digital age has made everyone more and more convenient. Various fast payment, electronic certificates and various storage space APPs have greatly facilitated consumers in this era, and these were unpredictable 10 years ago.

iPhone Camera Compared with Android,

Coupled with the fact that they have now entered the fast lane of 5G, people always take samples or short videos when they kill time every day.Iphone camera

When it comes to video, it has to be said that the domestic mobile phone manufacturers’ pursuit of high-resolution mobile phones can be described as trying to catch up.

Nowadays, in the domestic smart phone market, you can see all kinds of mobile phones with 48 megapixel, 64 megapixel and even 100 megapixel. But there are always some exceptions.

Apple has been using a 12-megapixel lens since the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 12 series still continues the ancestral 12-megapixel lens.

Some people can’t help but ask why Apple’s mobile phone camera has such low pixels, but the effect is better than Android’s.

Many users think that the higher the pixels of the mobile phone, the better, but in fact, the pixels of the mobile phone camera have a great influence on the imaging of the mobile phone, and the shooting effect of the mobile phone camera is not only in the pixels.

Because the pixel is actually a unit of size, which is composed of small squares in the picture. Everyone should know that when the picture is enlarged to the extreme, it will become one by one colored dots, and these colored dots are pixels.

When all the color points are gathered together, it is a complete picture. A picture is composed of 12 million color points, so the picture pixel is 12 megapixel.

The imaging effect does not depend on the height of the pixel. The higher the pixel, the more information and details of the image contained. It does not completely mean that the image quality is very good.

Compared to pixels,

the size of the photosensitive element is more important. The photosensitive element refers to an element behind the lens used to receive light. The quality of the image depends on how much light the photosensitive element captures.

The larger the photosensitive element, the more light that can be captured, and the better the sensor’s photosensitive performance, which can bring more delicate picture quality.

At the same time, with a larger base, more pixels can be stacked under the same condition of a single pixel area. Moreover, the sensitivity of the sensor to light directly affects the imaging performance of the camera in a dark light environment.

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Apple cameras have always insisted on maximizing the restoration of colors. Thanks to its own photosensitive element with strong photosensitive ability, it can restore the beauty of real people and landscapes to a large extent.

Take the iPhone 12 Pro Max as an example. This model is still equipped with a 12-megapixel lens.

But Apple customized a 1/1.7-inch outsole sensor for it. The size of its photosensitive element has been increased by 47%, the pixel size has been increased to 1.7 microns, and the low-light shooting effect has been increased by up to 87%.

Although the iPhone’s pixels have not changed, the sensors and other hardware have been continuously upgraded, so when shooting dynamics, Android phones will slightly lag behind the iPhone. This is one of the important reasons why the iPhone’s image capabilities are stronger.

In addition, the imaging quality of a mobile phone is also related to the mobile phone lens, sensor photosensitive element, image signal processor, and software algorithm.

Take the iPhone 12 series as an example. The intelligent HDR3 algorithm of the iPhone 12 series will use machine learning technology to intelligently adjust the white balance, contrast, texture and saturation of the photo to make the picture look more natural.Iphone camera result compared with Android

Coupled with the new computational photography function, all cameras support night mode and faster processing speed deep fusion technology, and the ability to respond to shooting in complex scenes is further enhanced.

Through customized hardware such as lens, sensor sensor, and in-depth adjustment of imaging technology, the unique imaging system of iPhone is created.

Finally, you should no longer define the strength of mobile phone imaging in terms of pixel size. The final imaging effect depends on many aspects of the image. In addition to software and hardware, there are also shooting techniques and techniques that are very important.

Therefore, the “iPhone pixel is so low to take pictures is definitely not good”.

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Why is the iPhone camera with such low pixels, but the effect is better than that of the Android camera? details 6s to 12 Series https://www.duzline.com
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