ZTE held a new machine launch conference. Netizens were attracted by the beauty product manager

ZTE held a new machine launch conference. Netizens were attracted by the beauty product manager https://www.duzline.com

On April 15th, ZTE held a new phone launch conference. It not only announced its own dual flagship new phones-ZTE Axon 30 Pro and Axon 30 Ultra, but also showed everyone its latest mobile phone system-MyOS.

However, the ZTE mobile phone, which was supposed to be the protagonist, was stole the limelight by product manager Xu Kexin.

Xu Kexin, Product Manager, ZTE

After introducing the new phone, ZTE’s product manager Xu Kexin took the stage to introduce ZTE’s MyOS mobile phone system to everyone. As a result, everyone did not pay much attention to the specific content of the mobile phone system, and their eyes were all attracted by the pleasant Xu Kexin.

After the release of ZTE’s new phone, major bloggers in the mobile phone circle were discussing the product manager of ZTE.I think she is not only good-looking, but also natural in typhoon.

Some bloggers even launched a poll on Weibo, asking netizens to choose one of the four product managers from iQOO Song Ziwei, OPPO Monica, vivo Zhang Jiayao, and Axon Xu Kexin, who is more favorable in all aspects of temperament. So far, Song Ziwei, the product manager of iQOO, has the highest number of votes.

Netizens vote which product manager is more like

In the current era of “appearance is justice”, it seems that manufacturers make product managers with high-value products recommend products to users more eye-catching and arouse consumers’ desire for consumption. In fact, in addition to several product managers,

the models on the Xiaomi Mi 11 posters previously released by Xiaomi were also hired by their own employees, which made many netizens feel very advanced.

The first flagship of the Snapdragon 888 under-screen camera regrets the bouncing!ZTE Lu Qianhao: A qualitative leap

On the evening of April 15, ZTE Axon 30 Pro and ZTE Axon 30 Ultra were officially unveiled.

Regrettably, the previously officially preheated ZTE Axon 30 screen version did not debut.

Ni Fei, president of ZTE’s terminal business unit, mentioned the Axon 30 screen version at the press conference. Ni Fei said that because of the global chip production capacity and other issues, we have to postpone the release of the off-screen version . Please look forward to it. We will bring you the ZTE Axon 30 off-screen version soon.

ZTE Lu Qian Hao stressed that ZTE A20 ZTE under the Axon 30 compare phone screen at the world’s first commercial version and the screen is a qualitative leap in the evolution of camera technology from a third-generation screen to the first generation of N + 1 ,

regardless of the front camera to take pictures Experience, screen integration experience, and screen quality have all been improved qualitatively. Unfortunately, the key chip is out of stock, so I can only wait for ONE More Thing.The world’s first proactive flagship under the screen!ZTE Axon 30 Pro unveiled next month https://www.duzline.com

The world’s first three-camera phone! ZTE Axon 30 conference is finalized: see you in April https://www.duzline.com

According to previously disclosed information, ZTE Axon 30 under-screen version is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, which will be the industry’s first Snapdragon 888 flagship with under-screen camera technology.

Prior to this, ZTE A20 first mass-produced the under-screen camera technology, leading the new trend of the full-screen era.

It is reported that ZTE has avoided the interference of complex lines on the camera by using ultra-high-transmittance micron-level new materials, independently driven screen display chips, and highly integrated minimal circuit design. The display is more natural.

Now ZTE Axon 30 new products will continue to use the under-screen camera technology, and the new technology has been upgraded to the second generation, which is worth looking forward to.

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ZTE held a new machine launch conference. Netizens were attracted by the beauty product manager https://www.duzline.com
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